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Gladys Knight for the win
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HA/KS 05-Feb-19
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Franzen 06-Feb-19
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From: HA/KS

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“You know what… nothing good comes easy. And I would hope they understand we have a better way to do this than to be all angry…I mean for me it’s about respect. If we start denying the Anthem, there are so many people who have died for our country...We have fought hard for a long time and not just in wars.”

From: Shuteye
I saw it live and she was great.

From: Jim Moore
The link won’t open but I remember reading a couple of articles where there were groups of people calling her an Uncle Tom for wanting to sing the anthem.

From: Franzen
Honestly, that is the only part of the super bowl I watched. I thought it was a pretty run-of-the mill performance, but she isn't any spring chicken. Regardless, good for her for standing up for the right thing.

From: elkmtngear
A true less courageous, than Rosa Parks, under the circumstances.

Hopefully, her Stand will have a viral effect, in the African American Community.

From: NvaGvUp
Of course she was called an Uncle Tom.

That's what happens to any and all Africa-Americans who dare to think for themselves and wander off the liberal plantation.

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