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Chase bank elephant commercial
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T Mac 06-Feb-19
bowbender77 06-Feb-19
TT-Pi 06-Feb-19
HA/KS 06-Feb-19
Woods Walker 07-Feb-19
From: T Mac
The chase bank commercial shows a couple touching an elephant in an Africa Plains like setting. Very misleading and adding fuel against hunting. Many who are not aware of an elephant hunt and how dangerous it is will think people hunt these Disney animals and how unfair it is.

From: bowbender77
Just more propaganda and part of there overall plan to humanize animals in the spirit of Disney. There is no end to this load of crap.

From: TT-Pi
That's the other side of the coin. Humanize animals /Animalize Humans.

From: HA/KS
"Animalize Humans."

That is exactly the point of saying that we evolved instead of being created uniquely by God.

From: Woods Walker
Can you imagine if they showed an elephant calf just starting to come out of the womb being pulled apart with tree loppers? The head there, little trunk over there, legs strewn about........think they'd get any negative feedback from the "Progressive" demons?

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