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Hole in the Melting Glacier Story
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slade 07-Feb-19
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February 7, 2019 Fake News about Holes in Antarctic Glaciers By Brian C. Joondeph

CNN is breathless over a “Gigantic hole two-thirds the size of Manhattan discovered in Antarctic glacier.” I’m sure they wish the hole actually were in Manhattan and included Trump Tower, but alas the hole is far away from their nemesis, the President.

They describe it as, “A massive cavity” which “has been discovered growing in an Antarctic glacier, signaling rapid ice decay that has shocked scientists.” It’s growing at an “explosive rate” beneath the Thwaites Glacier, they anxiously report.

CNN’s primary concern is that the melting glacier will flood the world, including their television studios. How big is this “massive cavity”?

It’s just a small hole within a glacier the size of Florida. Manhattan is about 23 square miles, so a hole two thirds the size of Manhattan would be almost 16 square miles. Yes, a hole is three dimensional and surface area is two dimensional, but I’m simply trying to create perspective.

By comparison, Florida is 65,755 square miles. The hole in the glacier is about 0.01 percent of the entire glacier, and the water released from the melt will not even be measurable in the ocean. But CNN won’t let that minor point interfere with their doomsday prognostications.

Not only CNN, but their other media brethren are also in a panic over this news. The Hill reports a similar story, as does CBS News. The only explanation offered in any of the articles is climate change. Just as climate change was blamed for the polar vortex and recent cold spell in the Upper Midwest.

Media mavens attribute everything bad in the world to climate change. Forbes believes climate change caused ISIS. Obesity is also blamed on climate change.

Why aren’t the journalistic sleuths thinking beyond their preprogrammed left-wing talking points? What else might be causing holes in the Antarctic glaciers?

I wonder if CNN ever considered volcanos as the cause of glacial melting? Their cousins across the pond at The Guardian did. They reported that scientists recently discovered 91 new volcanoes below the Antarctic ice sheet. This is in addition to 47 already known volcanoes.

How many more volcanoes might be hidden below miles-thick ice? As technology improves, more than the 140 known volcanoes may be discovered.

The website, readily available to CNN, provides some actual science, rather than Al Gore style arm waving.

From: Norseman
Sorry....volcanos are. Abused by global warming too. 8^)

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