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The DNC hack hoax
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JTV 07-Feb-19
scentman 07-Feb-19
bowbender77 08-Feb-19
From: JTV
and the murder of Seth Rich goes unsolved, DNC/Crowdstrike wasnt about to let the FBI anywhere near those servers/computers ... The cover up runs deep within the DNC/Clinton groups... they are experts at coverups ... they are experts at political espionage ... the FBI/DOJ was and still is dirty, as is Mueller and his 'investigation' ....

I still stand behind the theory that the Seth Rich murder was a hit... its been done before for political gain and cover up, it happens all the time for money ... the mob does/did them all the time, as do drug gangs .... when it comes to politics, Clintons and billions of dollars, any one that stands in the way is a target ..... same for stand downs and cover ups, done all the time for political gain and the almighty dollar .....

From: scentman
The Dem party put a hit on JFK... Seth was problem... they solved their problem.

From: bowbender77
It is not hard to understand how Judge Roberts rolled over after what happened to Judge Scalia. Political gangsters are going to do what political gangsters do and the Clintons are the ultimate political gangsters.

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