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Over 250 bodies on MT Everest
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From: spike78

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Over 250 bodies lay on Mt Everest. Yeah I’ll pass thanks!

From: spike78
The poor bastard in the picture is actually used as a land mark for distance to the peak.

From: DL
“Stupid is as stupid does”

From: JTV
"Why, because it's there" ......................

From: Amoebus
I think it is up to $70,000 to climb it now.

"When the human body enters this altitude, it slowly starts to die."

As do we all...

What a crazy read. I feel I'm driven to adventure and have done some mountaineering, but I just don't see the desire to climb Everest. What a crazy story about the team leaving the guy who was still alive and heading for the peak.

From: elkmtngear
A Lady I went to High School with, was the 6th U.S. Woman to reach the Summit.

Kudos to those who have survived it, but it's not my thing. Nothing to shoot up there ;^)

From: MT in MO
Right, if I can't fish or hunt after that hard climb, what's the point? To see the view? I've flown in airplanes...8^)

From: Grey Ghost
My eye doctor has led Everest expeditions. He's lost one climber to HAPE.

Interestingly, one of his prerequisites for assembling his climbers is to get drunk with them before they are approved to go. Apparently, how a person acts when drunk at normal elevations is exactly how they act sober at extreme altitudes. A happy drunk will be a happy climber. A mean and angry drunk will act the same way at altitude.


From: mn_archer
My father in law has been there several times. He has some photos of piles of trash and o2 bottles. No place else on earth can you be In nature and littering is the acceptable norm

From: Owl
Wow, what an eye-opening read!!

From: Bowboy
It's very expensive to climb MT Everest. I'd climb it if there was a world record goat or ram.

From: Shuteye
I have no desire to climb that mountain. I enjoy reading about it though.

I watched a program a year or 2 ago on the avalanche that killed a bunch of the Sherpa’s. Those dudes are crazy.

From: Jeff Durnell
Let em. Encourage em even. Natural selection.

From: Michael
Wow what a crazy article. At this point in my life I have zero interest in climbing Everest. However I plane on climbing as many 14ers in Co this summer as possible.

From: Glunt@work
I'm a fan of being allowed to risk your own safety and life even if its for something meaningless to someone else. When that stupid risk transfers to others who didn't voluntarily accept it, then we can talk about limiting the freedoms of the original dummy.

From: Owl
May be just how I read it but there seemed to be a lot of "3rd attempts" resulting in mortality. It is as if the human brain can rationally accept a spurned trip or 2 but, at the 3rd, perhaps they get anxious enough that "it won't happen," that they gamble the risks that kill them.

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