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EU gun ownership grows
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Spike Bull 07-Feb-19

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Strict laws are pushing good citizens to use other means to acquire weapons.

..."But many aren’t going about getting guns legally because it’s just too difficult, if not impossible. So as the demand for gun ownership has grown, so has the supply, mostly through the “Deep Web,” also known as the “dark web,” the “invisible web,” or the “hidden web,” writes The New American. This is the part of the Internet that is off-limits to traditional search engines; where illicit trading takes place at such locations as the infamous drug bazaar Silk Road. According to the Rand Corporation, “Europe represents the largest market for arms trade on the dark web, generating revenues that are around five times higher than the U.S.” America’s gun industry generates in excess of $15 billion in annual sales, while the dark web is responsible for upwards of $75 billion in firearms sales annually in Europe, as citizens increasingly look to themselves for their personal safety. And they are defying government laws to do it."

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