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Think This Dog Loves It's Job?
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Woods Walker 08-Feb-19
Zbone 08-Feb-19
Spike Bull 08-Feb-19
gflight 08-Feb-19
Grey Ghost 08-Feb-19
HA/KS 08-Feb-19
Rhody 08-Feb-19
jjs 08-Feb-19
lawdy 08-Feb-19
JTV 08-Feb-19
elkmtngear 08-Feb-19
IdyllwildArcher 08-Feb-19
Two Feathers 08-Feb-19
Shuteye 08-Feb-19
WV Mountaineer 08-Feb-19
Salagi 08-Feb-19
DL 08-Feb-19
Woods Walker 08-Feb-19
T Mac 08-Feb-19
Solo 08-Feb-19
KSflatlander 09-Feb-19
From: Woods Walker

Don't ya hate when they force them to do this? ;-)

From: Zbone
Wow, way cool... Luv Border Collies... Thanks for sharing...

A joy to watch!

From: gflight
Typical Stockholm syndrome. Poor little puppy....;^)

From: Grey Ghost
That pup is an athlete!! Wow.

From: HA/KS
Working dogs love to work.

Some days I loved my job that much - but probably wasn't that good at it. I had the enthusiasm but sure didn't have that amount of energy.

I loved how it calmed down and focused before starting the run.

From: Rhody
not only the pup.... but the girl is to. That was very cool. I've a Queensland Blue Heeler that has that intensity with a frisbee...

From: jjs
I am primary a bird dog owner but the border collies are intensive and fascinating especially when working live stock, always would like to own one but need some open space to justify one.

From: lawdy
My mother raised border collies. When the electric company wanted to move a couple hundred sheep they used to keep power lines clear across a super highway they used her border collies plus others to do it. The state troopers stopped traffic and it was amazing to watch those dogs herd those sheep.

From: JTV
Those are some great canines... I grew up with full sized Collies (Lady, Dutchess and K.C.), and they are remarkably smart dogs ...... the Border Collies are a very agile breed, fast and they love what they do ...

From: elkmtngear

Pure focused adrenaline...great job by both dog, and handler!

Aww, that poor dog, forced to be that nasty human's slave and run obstacle courses...

Lol, that dog is loving life.

From: Two Feathers
Thanks for posting. That was awesome.

From: Shuteye
That was fantastic. I have a friend that is an animal trainer and last week I saw a picture of her and her dog getting on an airplane. Someone asked her if the dog sat in her lap. She said no the dog has it's own seat and it is always first class. She said fortunately her, Willie the dog, has to have a handler.

I love dogs. Any working bred is tops. But, I have always loved the Border Collie most.

From: Salagi
I've had several border collies over the years. Great dogs but you better have something for them to do in order to control them. Working is their idea of fun.

Fame was a true pleasure to watch. Her trainer was good as well.

From: DL
I watched a documentary on working dogs. One piece was taken in New Zealand in the mountains. The Shepard was an old fella and had one dog next to him. The sheep and other dogs were way down in a valley. He would whistle the commands and the dog next to him would bark at the dogs in the valley the commands he gave. Amazing intelligence. Worst thing that can be done to these dogs is pen them up or tie them up.

From: Woods Walker
I cannot imagine living without a dog. That would be no life at all.

From: T Mac
Wow that is one talented dog!

From: Solo
Thanks, WW..!!! This made a big hit this morning at work. How can't any of us love that little buddy? Great stuff!!!

From: KSflatlander
Now that is what you call agile. Amazing animal.

Love it, thanks.

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