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JTV 08-Feb-19
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From: JTV
She was a perfect example of todays dems party as she gave the rebuttal .... let them continue to show their real selves, move the curtain aside for all to see .....

From: slade
She just hasn't had enough pompous appeasement from you crackers...........

From: Shuteye
Well when I was a kid Lash Larue was my hero and I had several bull whips and could crack them. My cousin wouldn't let me cut a cigarette out of his mouth though.

perfect spokesperson for the dems, wants it all for free and does not pay her bills, a deadbeat.

From: South Farm
But, but her daddy gave his coat to a poor man who needed it more one night while walking 30 miles home in the rain!!!

(Sure he did..)

From: spike78
Yup that story is about as true as Dizzy Lizzys Indian story’s.

From: Fivers
South Farm-

I laughed at that statement, apparently she never tried to walk 30 miles. If he walked 30 miles to work, he would have no time to sleep before he had to walk back to work...that's if he only worked an 8 hour day. You have to walk at a brisk pace to walk 30 miles in 8 hours, so 8 hours to get to work, 8 hours at work and 8 hours home from work, the last I checked, there is only 24 hours in a day. My other thought was, if you have one car, which we did as I was a young kid, the person that worked got the car, not the mother staying at home with the kids.

From: HDE
'Ol Tyson Teeth promoting insurrection now...

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