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Sauron is coming
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JTV 08-Feb-19
Owl 08-Feb-19
slade 08-Feb-19
From: JTV
I do, there has to be tangible or even intangible reasons why dems are the way they are ... why their hate is so strong, why they want to see the demise of America some being pure evil is a good start .... Mad Maxine and Pelosi/Schumer come to mind right off the bat, with ANTIFA being their brownshirts ...

From: Owl
I don’t agree that “Republicans are beginning to fight”. Not the pols., anyway.

I do consider “pagans” as a good synonym for today’s secularists, worshipping themselves, nature and sex.

From: slade
Now come on guys, according to the Mavericks there just needs to be a bit more Pompous Appeasement with the dark side.

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