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Alaskan Bush People
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spike78 09-Feb-19
Shuteye 09-Feb-19
Owl 09-Feb-19
Mike the Carpenter 09-Feb-19
BIG BEAR 09-Feb-19
From: spike78

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I’m sure everyone already knows these shows are fake but here is the real story on the Alaska Bush People family quite comical.

From: Shuteye
I have seen the shows and know it is fake. Some of the other Alaska shows of people living in the wild are much better but even some of them are BS. It would be nice to see them zero in their rifle before missing easy shots at moose and bear. One guy is pretty good and an excellent shot and real trapper.

From: Owl
Man, if you can't rely on the veracity of reality TV, what's left to belief in?

Next thing your gonna tell us is their accents are made up. Man my whole world is caving in around me. HA!!

I enjoy watching the shows with Heimo Korth,, Stan Zuray,, Tom Oar,, And Marty Meierotto........ They are the real deal.......

The Alaskan Bush Frauds are a Jerry Springer mess.....

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