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Found a bear bow.
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Fuzzydog 11-Feb-19
Mint 11-Feb-19
Zbone 11-Feb-19
spike78 11-Feb-19
K Cummings 11-Feb-19
Annony Mouse 11-Feb-19
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Shuteye 11-Feb-19
From: Fuzzydog

Fuzzydog's embedded Photo
Fuzzydog's embedded Photo
Anyone help me with this. I cant find any info on this bow and I found it at my local pawn shop.

From: Mint
You need to post an actual picture of the bow and then someone can give you the details.

From: Zbone
Good find... Go over to the LeatherWall from this site, collectors over there will be able to tell you all about it from the numbers shown... Those guys are into old Bear bows...

From: spike78
Those are just patent numbers. You need to post serial number to determine date. That bow was made in Michigan where it all began so it will be an older model bow. Bear archery was moved to Florida after that. Good find how much you pay?

From: K Cummings
Show a picture of the whole bow.

That particular patent date silk screen was used on bows between 1953 and 1972.


From: Annony Mouse
Lonnie Collins is the person to get in contact with:

He sells lots of used bows and I believe has a DVD with all the Bear bow data. I saw him last month at the Trad Expo in Kalamazoo, MI. Lonnie would be able to give you when it was made and its value.

From: nowheels
Just look on the limbs and you should see a model name. It might be located on the front or back, top or bottom depending on the model and year.

Once you determine the model, the year can be narrowed down by the serial number, length, types of woods, color of the glass on the limbs, tips and overlays.

Like others have said, look for the model name, if it’s still there and readable, and post a pic of the serial number and there are quite a few guys here who can help you determine what you have. Good luck and congrats on a nice find. Most of the old Bears are great shooters.

From: Shuteye
I have a bear recurve that my dad bought in the 50's and it was the top model at the time. My dad killed some nice deer with it and that was when deer were hard to come by back then. You were allowed one deer per year.

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