How long have you been on the Bowsite?
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From: Coyote 65
I don't know when the Bowsite was born, but I have been around since about 1998, I know that there are others that have been on here longer. My first handle was AZinTX as I was on temporary assignment in TX but planning to go back to AZ, I then changed to Coyote 65 when handles became permanent and I decided to continue working in TX.

Roll Call.


From: StickFlicker
Only found it about three years ago or so. Always had the same handle.


From: Matt
It was either 1997 or 1998, cannot remember. I guess that means I have an anniversary coming up.

From: Trebarker
99 or 2000

From: AZ~Rich
Not sure but I think it was back in 97.

From: Woodman
And I was just starting to feel good about being here since January.

From: WDP
Just signed on a couple of days ago. Lots of good reading so far.

From: Hollywood
Started way back, probably '97.

On my 2nd screen-name. I used to be: Don. AKA Don-Dot according to Steve H, another old-school Bowsiter.


From: pav
Guy at a local archery shop turned me on to the Bowsite. That shop closed in 1996 or 1997? There were only a handful of registered users at the least there were only a handful of registered users posting regularly.

From: Bou'bound

From: Charlie - SA
Sporadically, mostly in read only mode since it came up. Until recently I've spent most of my time on the LW (since around it's inception). This year started spending most of my time with my wheels and coming here.

Charlie - SA

From: Bernie1

From: Owl
2000-ish. Early on, I had another handle but I can't remember what it was...

From: JayG@work
I think since about 02,, or something like that. I found this place by mistake,, and I haven't been able to leave.. LOL


From: Knife2sharp
1998 - under the name "Rydog", then a couple years later, "Kickers&Stickers".

From: Trophy8@work
I will say 2003? Always been Trophy8 or Trophy@work.

'97... found it by mistake and been here ever since... made some good friends offa this place

1997 or 98

A friend at work showed me the site and I've been hooked ever since.

From: Jerry @
Since it started back in 1996.....a bunch of us used Prodigy Sports Play BB prior to it. What a wonderful change! :)

From: BR Stinger

From: HuntinHabit
96 or 97, a couple different handles since.

Thanks Pat!

From: Buckstopper
Started in 98 I believe as RickP. Changed to Buckstopper after being banned for calling out Brian C.

Trying to behave since but it is difficult right Bogenschütze? LOL

From: JTV
3-4 years, something like that......Jeff

From: Z Barebow
I found it in 1998 in preparation for my first elk hunt. Still my favorite place to visit on the 'net. It has the classiest, cleanest webpage setup of any hunting site I have visited.

My PC home handle is Brian. (I don't have much of an imagination!). I have had a couple of additional handles when I view from work, "on my break". (One for each job during that time.)


fifteen- twenty years...

From: Bowfreak
First started frequenting in 99 under another handle. But, I went on an INet hiatus for a couple of years around 2003-2005 until I got DSL.

From: 'Ike'
1997/98, Somewhere in there...I do know, I've met a lot of great people in that time!

From: Elkstuffer
Only 8 months.....and yes I am a bowsite junkie now! I check in 5 - 6 times evry day. I can't get enough. I need help!!!!

Been on for something like eight years. Can't pinpoint when I first signed up but I think it was summer of '99.

From: ahunter55
Ten years

From: live2hunt88
i found this site while looking for something else. im glad i did tho. ive been here a little over a year. and being a teen with no1 to help show me what to do or help me many of year have given me tips and been helpful all kinds of advice.

Thank you 2 all of Pat for a great site

From: browndog
1999. Great site, great information, great cast of characters.

Sometime around '97 not sure. Always been IDAHO and have some great debates here, especially about wolves. Great spot to gather information and get questions answered. Super place to gather information while planning out of state hunts. Lots of laughs and a few tears,.......

This site is a service that is priceless. It's too bad some get feelings hurt so easy and that we've lost some of the ol' guard but,!% happens.

Thanks Pat for all you and your group have done over the years improving and maintaining this site.

From: chip
2003 or so. Started out as Wapiti and switched to Chip.

From: Yendor
Right after Al Gore invented the internet. Signed on using Sears Prodigy. DOS was the operating system and it took a long time to get connected. Microsoft here in Redmond Wa was just getting started about 10 blocks from where I was signing on. Tenn Bow was my hero. Have always been Yendor


I haven't spoken to Bill in a long time, but last I heard he was doing well. The man in real life is much different than his on line persona.

From: Joehunter
99- always been Joehunter or Hunterjoe.

Never a bad day when you can get on the Bowsite.

From: RLong

From: bullelkklr
00 or 01 - you can search your handle and find out exactly...

hey - I gave out my number a few times..........guess I "grew up" a few times over the last 7 years....or maybe I realize that I don't need to argue about who knows more when I know everything :)

Me and Elfking used to get into it quite a bit - but I respect the man - did then and do now... I have one of Paul's video's....we would most likely get along in camp well.

From: Smyth
I have been on Bowsite from the early days, usually just read and keep my mouth shut. The warfare in the early days got downright nasty but sometimes quite entertaining. My great frustrations where very similar to Yendor's.........took forever to get connected and THEN my connection would wipe out!! I think that maybe lead to some of the nasty replies since by the time you were connected you were already PO'd.

Much better now and a really great site for learning about bowhunting. One never gets to old to learn and with this many bowhunters using equipment, clothes and other products, those that are inferior usually get identified quickly benefiting all of us, although as someone once said "if you bought it, it must be the best" so those opinions sometimes cloud the real picture.

From: Storm

Since it first started.

From: JDB
Started visiting here and the LW, fall of 98. I wanted to learn more about selfbows and a net search lead me there. I check in here daily when at work, mostly looking at the elk threads.

From: BC
Late 90s. Mostly just read and follow along with the various threads but once and awhile I get my 2cents in. It's a great site.

From: DeerSlayer08
sometime in 2005 but I check it almost everyday. I am a bowsite addict.

From: JM
I think since 98 or 99, it is a great place to learn about bowhunting and I have learned a lot from the many people who have posted here over the years. I also hope that I helped a few people along the way.


From: TD
Started reading it in 2000. Never posted anything until 2004.

Now this is the only place where people really understand me.... (sniff)

From: Striker58

Using handle ReyZ


From: TradTech
Since the beginning. Rupe pulled me and several others over from the old Prodigy boards.

From: Mr Bowhunter
8 years and have never changed my handle.

From: mist-a-hog
Less than 2 years, great site, it is the only archery one I frequent.

From: Sage Buffalo

Always been Sage Buffalo.

OK. Maybe not that long but I believe 1996.

From: muskeg

muskeg's Link
Just after Pat started the Bowsite .... '97 I believe.

I was pictured on the opening page for a little while !!!!

From: Mathews Man
Too long, Seriously.

Hi, My name is Scott and I have an addiction...

Since either 96 or 97. Not sure if it even was around in '96?

I'd like to have back all the time I've just had to check these silly posts...

From: Gator
Good question. Came on with a different name but changed it after someone else choose it. Been around here for a long time and continue to enjoy the diverse opinions.

From: mjb
Probably a tad longer than PHOENIX!!! I believe he was something even before that...He really liked them PSE bows..been some good reads! By far the best post ever was made by my opinion..mjb

From: Coyote 65
Better than the Elk wrassling, better than the nudists in the pink house? Help us that are having senior moments on the Bunny Hunter post.



From: black tail

From: Lew
96 or 97 for me too! Always logged in as Lew or Lew@Work. Of course this was after we were required to register. I still stop in daily, but seldom post any more.

From: RobinHood
96 or 97; always hand the handle RobinHood

From: Olink
Started making posts in early 1999, but began hitting the Bowsite in 1998. Still my favorite archery website.

From: Norseman
1997 1st handle was Diehard, then changed it when Pat made us re-register some time back.

From: woody
98ish I think...


I started lurking on the Bowsite in '96 and then posting shortly thereafter. I lived in Michigan at the time and have since moved to Texas and then Oklahoma. I have used the nickname huntress since the beginning. Interestingly, I met my husband, Matt (Tradman) here when he invited me on a hog hunt. Matt was one of the first sponsors here with Tradman's Custom Bowstrings. After several years of tying flemish splice bowstrings he decided to hang up his string-tying hat when we started outfitting feral hog hunts, and now continue to be a sponsor with Shiloh Ranch Hunting Camp. This site sure has made the world a smaller place for bowhunters! We've met many friends through the Bowsite and hope to continue to forge new friendships in the future.

-Cheryl Napper...aka huntress

From: Arco&flecha
Almost a year now


From: FlatLndr
Met Heloman while Sheep hunting and after he shot his sheep he told me about Bowsite last year

From: longhunter
Just since January. I was searching the internet for some info. on elk hunting and happened upon the Bowsite. Hooked ever since. The info. shared here is great and it has been a pleasure to be a part of it!

From: Will
Late spring 05 I think???

From: Heat
Fall 2001

Since it started. I heard Pat talk about it at the PBS get-together in March of 1996.

From: DCM
I figure I was posting on Leatherwall in '98. I remember posting on the Community after Columbine. Archive shows first post in '99 in the Whitetail forum I think. It's all been mix-mastered a few times I reckon and the archive doesn't seem to pull from Leatherwall or Community. Prolly not enough disk space to store all the c..., uh stuff from those forums. LOL

There have been some very entertaining threads, and characters, over the years. Thanks to Pat and the sponsors and all you goobers who make life here interesting. Until I found a site or two this this one, I honestly didn't see any point, or utility, in internet at all.

From: MaBow
I have been coming to the site since 1999. I just don't post too much. Thanks Pat for starting it

I've been around since the late 90's.I used to be Outdoorguy.

From: midwest
I found the site about a year ago while searching for elk hunting info. Now I'm hooked.

I visit other sites, but this has the cleanest and most easy reading format. There are a great bunch of people posting on here and I wouldn't think of purchasing a single bowhunting item without first doing a search on Bowsite.

From: Dwayne
My post go back to '98 but if I remember correctly we actually started with stone tablets...

From: Bill in MI
Been for 6 or 7 years under my current name. For the life of me I cannot remember my user name in MA.

Anyway to search for that Pat?

Bill in MI

From: Two Arrows
I've been here since 1997. I remember talking with another person who, I believe, is now a big part of another website affiliated with bowhunting and the net. Seems as if there was some concern about how many people were coming to this site even back then. I think my handle was DCO or DougO back then.


From: Idabow
1998 or 99, not sure.

From: Norseman
Long enough to notice I have lost ALOT of hair.

From: DL


From: Whipper
2 years

From: fuzzy
since late '97

From: ThunderStick
since 05

From: WillPower
since 99'

Since mid 06 and I love it! Thanks Pat and sponsors


From: iowaPete
I made my first post in October of 2003 and haven't looked back since. Met some great people through this site and learned a BUNCH! Photos, stories, hunts, complaints, bragging rights. It's all been here. It's been a hoot! I hope it stays around for a lonnnnnnnnnnnng time.


From: Kathi
Since March or April of 1996 when Rupe told me about it. Before then the Prodigy boards. Thank you Pat for a great time.


From: D2
sometime in 02, thanks Pat, and thanks to all the sponsors.....have learned alot!

'98 OR '99 long time for sure!

Good luck, Robb

From: Bowoman
My first post shows up as early 2000, but I lurked for a long time before that.

From: Shuteye
Like Kathi, Rupe told me about the Bowsite right after it was up and running. Then I met Kathi at a bowshop near Baltimore, the rest is history.

From: IaHawkeye
Since 98'

From: wvkruk
I've been watching and learning for years, but just started posting this year.

From: CAM
1996 or very early 1997.

From: leftybearfan
I think I found bowsite right after I got married, so fall of 2001 I guess.

From: x-man
I'm on my third handle. Finally figured out how to get my PIN back about four years ago. Been x-man ever since. Used to be HOYTMAN and hoytman1.

I think my first Bowsite experience was Bloodtrail Challenge #6. Whatever year that was.

I have been a member since the mid 90s but started posting in 99.


From: Man of Stihl
Since Nov. 2006

From: SteveCo
Since November '96. I was looking into hunting hogs in texas. Found the Bowsite and been hooked ever since... Thanks Pat for countless hours of information and entertainment!

From: split_toe
since 2006 great site met a lot of people

From: Viper

From: mav_rc
From the start!believe I used Sonny back then.

From: spectr17
98 I believe it was. As Pat mentioned, your fave list of hunting websites was real short back then. Maybe 7 or 8 for me. Netscape 2.0? was the shizzle for a browser and I was shotgunning two 48K modems together to get faster dial up speed with the new Windoze 98 until AOL found out and sent me a cease and desist email. LOL.

Tennbow and the wild discusions and stories kept me occupied. White Raven, the PETA forum war also are some memories.

Bravo Pat, take a bow.

From: Greywolf
Not for sure when the join date was but my original registration number was 496

From: asatguy
4 days Good Site!

From: Geronimo
Several Weeks!

From: John Scifres
I started reading on a text only browser in summer 1996. Finally learned a bit more about the web and starting posting in late 1996 as JDS and JohnKY.

Anybody remember the Scent Socks thread? I wish I had that one saved.

I'd love to have the old Dewayne "Phoenix" threads too. How about "TennBow's Mea Culpa".

From: Forkhorn
Well it was '97 I believe. Shortly after joining I met ole Jawbone and then Tradman. Went on a hog hunt with them up at the old Lease in Graham TX.(Matt I had The Black /swan and purchased the bow from Kevin of Idaho Bow Works(those Boys like to froze in our Texas Winter Rain) from you as it was RH and anyone that knows you knows you shoot with the "wrong hand". (smile)

As its certain to do time has rolled on and its been many a year. I always used the handle Forkhorn althoguh Ive lost the way from time to time.

I do recall quite a few Handles from the names above them days!

From: Hollywood
lots of loyal bow-siters, that's awesome.

From: Shooter
Been a member for about two months or so and love this place. I used to get onto another site and all they did was bicker and fight, I love the good natured ribbing on this site, but there is very little nasty talk and I enjoy that, plus the information is OUTSTANDING!!!!.


From: MT
Since 2002.

From: Kiteman
Searched my username, and found my posts go back to '99. Great tool, 'cause I couldn't remember!

From: MT
"Sun 3/31/2002 8:31 AM"

This is the date stamp on the e-mail that sent my pin number.

From: rc
spring '05 fell off the wagon for a bit, but back on again. I stopped hunting for about 10 yrs. I got the hunting bug worse then ever before. makin' up for lost time.....

From: Bowboy
Since fall 2000!


Paul @ the Fort's embedded Photo
Paul @ the Fort's embedded Photo
I was "Paul at the Lodge" in 1997-98 for a few years when I owned a tourist business in the mountains, then retired and move to Ft. Collins Co in 2001, and became Paul@theFort.

I can't remember how I learned about but it has been a good experience. Hard to believe it has been ten years.

I use to have a darker beard back then.


From: Stealth1
8 years and it is still the BEST!!!!

From: Greywolf
My original registration Number was 469. So I guess pretty long time. lots of good people here. Met a few, would like to meet couple others.

Came over from the @Prodigy crowd. It was in 1996 sometime. I've always been "Tradman" and have been a sponsor of the Bowsite since 1997.

Forkhorn, I remember now! Wow, that has been some time ago. You need to come up to Oklahoma sometime and do a hog hunt and catch up on old times. I haven't seen Jawbone for years now.

"Oh, I forgot...every one was born right-handed, but some of us got over it!" :-)

Matt Napper "Tradman"

My hair had a hell of alot less gray in it back in the early bowsite days!

1997/1998...long time that is for sure.

Good luck, Robb

From: Jimbo
Since late 1998. The Bowsite is by far my favorite hunting-related web site.

From: Gator
First handle (Bearbait) was in '02 I believe. Gator since. A great place to get opinions and learn. Hardly a day goes by that I don't see what's up on Bowsite.

The best!

From: NYbob
I think it was about '03 but I have trouble remembering back that far. Being retired I check it many times a day everyday. The greatest thrill for me was to come home from a family bear hunt with G Chase and see that he had posted a day by day report, with pictures, what a pleasant surprise that was! Great Site

From: fuzzy
10 years-plus

From: Beev
Since 99. I've always been Beev and I try to do as much bussiness as I can with the sponors here. Just a great place to visit.

From: dmm/wolfskin
Been here since late 1997. This dang place has cost me lots of money over the years. You know, longbows arrows and many other things that come with taditional bow hunting. Rewards are meat in the frezzer with stick and strings and alot of computer friends to boot. Mike

From: Chuck'M
Been lurking around a long time (2000, 2001...?), mostly on the Leatherwall. I've learned more about trad archery and hunting other places then from any magazine. (Of course, I'd no sooner give up my subscription to Traditional Bowhunter Magazine then I would permanetly sign off from this sight.) This place is really like a big community campfire and I've enjoyed meeting all of you! :^)

From: Bou'bound

I think 1996 but maybe a year or two later.

From: Aubs8
:) Neat thread and posts...

Since Fall of 2006...was researching my first out of state/country hunt - Caribou.

Choices came down to Tuttilik or JHA...Fortunately I chose right.

I owe alot to the many people and posts on Bowsite for helping me to experience and realize many of my hunting dreams.

Thank you all. Mike

From: Woods Walker
I started on the Leatherwall in 2004.

From: Grey Ghost
13 year old thread. Nice resurrection, Bou!

Late '90s for me, IIRC.


From: LINK

From: Paul@thefort
Pat called me back in the day, and ask me for advice. I said go for it and he did. Been on ever since. Paul

From: Jaquomo
Since shortly after going online, back when carbon arrows were still banned on the LW.

From: Huntcell
I was on it, before I was off it, then I was on it, clearly had [have] some Identity issues.

I came across it in the heyday of the Wis forum when it had the likes of RC and Serbianshark.

a lot hunts since then, have been assisted by Bowsite, one way or the other including hunting with a couple famous or maybe infamous Bowsiters.

From: Realwarrior
I was on it from the beginning as "bwhntr1" but then, because of injuries followed by surgeries followed by no bowhunting, to recovering. I do know that it isn't what it once was, but that can be attributed to other forms of social media and information. I think Bowsite is still relevant though

From: badbull
Do not remember exactly when I wandered on here but not nearly as long as some. I just wish that I would have found Bowsite from the beginning as there are a bunch of good and like minded people on here. They don't seem to agree on everything but that makes it kind of interesting. I am impressed with the knowledge and accomplishments of many on here regarding archery, bowhunting, and life in general.

From: Rupe
Probably 1996. A bunch of us migrated here from Prodigy Bulletin Board. Met some absolutely amazing people. Friends that I am so grateful for.

From: DrewB
I first posted on the the early incarnation while stationed in Korea in 1996-7 time frame. I dropped off for while and just rejoined this year.

From: Teeton
Now sure what year it was. But Pat came to a UBP convention to chat/promote it. Guess 1995, 96 or 97. Ed

From: t-roy
Late 2011, I believe.

From: billygoat

2007 if I remember correctly.

From: Old School
2015 for me.

From: Swampbuck

From: elkmtngear
Early 2010 I believe.

Charlie roped me in as a Sponsor, and I was quickly addicted.

From: IowaBowGuy
2003 for me. Started out with my handle being 'wannabe' when I was a PA resident then changed it to IowaBowGuy in 2006 when I moved to the mid-west.

From: jjs
97, lurking in 96 do to being an introvert.

From: Dino
Lurking in the late 99’s to early 2000’s- - got all registered up in 2001. Does this make me old? Great site.

From: Slate
1996 Damn didn’t even know Internet forum was a thing then.

From: Scar Finga
Around 98 as a lurker! Then registered under a different email and handle. When my internet/ email changed I lurked for 10 years or so... Off and on.

From: Buskill
Maybe 2000 ??

From: Mitch
Late 90's for me. Back in the days of dial up internet. Saw an add in Bowhunter Magazine. Might have been the first forum I ever visited and have been here ever since.

From: Treeline
I have been on and off since Kurt turned me on to it back in like ‘98. Have spent years on only the Leatherwall just trying to introduce new concepts and on the Bowsite just trying to pass on a little knowledge that I’ve gained over the years.

Have had a few different handles in that time - Treeline Stalker, Treeline Hunter, and now just treeline. Remember “Paul at the Lodge” and “Jaquomo Feral” and many others.

Have met many awesome bowhunters here and have had the pleasure of meeting more than a few over the years. Have shared sheep, caribou, elk, bear, and other camps with some of the best bowhunters in the world thru Bowsite.

Damn good bunch of people no matter how you cut it!

Thanks Pat! You have helped make a lot of connections and opened the world to a lot of great bowhunters over the years!

From: Spiral Horn
Early 2000s, maybe 2001 or 2002.

From: Bowboy


From: Z Barebow
I think 1997 or 1998 as I started researching my first elk hunt.

From: Predeter
98 or 99 I believe. I was 13 or 14 and this place opened up a world I didn't know existed. No doubt in my mind that I wouldn't have experienced many of the bow hunting adventures I have if not for being inspired by people here when I was young!

From: Shug

From: Shug
Ok... 97 /98I believe several names and bans ago

From: Bowhunter
I think 97 or 98 you can see I picked an original name:)

If I had to guess....... 2000+/-

Around 2006

From: Stix
Shug, bowsite started in 1996.

From: Royboy
I think 2010,Fred

1999, researching an elk hunt in New Mexico. Met several guys over the years, made lots of friends, learned a lot and shared a lot.

From: fisherick
Joined Bowsite around 2001 and have the same handle.

From: KSflatlander
Sometime in the late 90s I believe.

From: Z Barebow

From: Rob in VT
Not sure how to tell for sure, but I think it was around 1998.

From: Nomad
I believe since '96.

Read about this "New bowhunting website" in Petersen's Bowhunting magazine.

Dropped the magazine.

Still here.

From: skull
around 2000

From: Two Feathers
Back in the 90's. Saw an ad in "Bowhunter", visited the site and been here since.

From: hobbes
Sometime around 1997. I used to be a lot more active, but I don't post very often anymore.

I was here when Charlie was young! :).

From: t-roy
Charlie’s still young, Roy!.....I think it’s all those “trips of a lifetime every year”

From: Wayjames
Just before the Tutilik debacle.

From: craigmcalvey
98 or 99 I believe

From: yooper89
2013 maybe 2014 when I first moved to Colorado and started researching elk hunting for the first time

From: Inshart
96 or 97, There weren't very many guys on here then, I remember that. Still the best site for hunting related "stuff".

From: Drummer Boy
08 researching how to tune a switchback and it got me here,great site.

From: fastflight
Late 90's I am pretty sure. Still the only site I visit regularly

From: Coyote 65
Well I started the thread in 2007 so I probably should update it. I still started in about 98, so I have been visiting here for 25 years. But have now moved back to AZ from TX. Living in an inholding in Tonto National Forest. However if Texas secedes from the union I will go back there.


From: Shug
Thanks stix... actually I’m pretty the internet itself was just in its infancy...

From: uteangler
2004 or 2005.

From: SteveB
I was very early and 1995 sticks in my mind....but could be 1996. A group of us came over together from a Prodigy bulletin board.

From: Mule Power
99 or 2000. Anyone here miss the antics of Serb or TurkeyBowmaster. This past year we had the dude from SD who was outfitting a little in Alaska. Can’t remember his name. Yes sir there have been a few characters over the years.

From: bigbuck
I had my first computer so in the 90s sometimes,probably about the time Windows 98 came on

From: Shaft
98 or 99 for me, I still check in daily.

From: badlander
Early 1999 for me. Been badlander since the beginning. I remember positing here when my twins were born in 2005 and they are just turning 16 now. Been in and out a bit lately.

Huntcell - man, I'd forgotten all about Serbianshark. Didn't he leave here after he married into some salon franchise heiress or something? Rancid Crabtree, he was another that rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way....!

From: c3
This is a good one to bring back up.

I think I've been around from about the beginning as well.

Wasn't this thing called the AIN (archery information network) or somehow related ???

Maybe that one was archery talk, but in any case it's been long enough, I don't really remember and the is one of my go to's ever day.

Cheers, Pete

From: Teeton
*** How many of you old timers remember the bowsite chat room?

From: c3
@Teeton, I do, that thing was awesome !!!

Cheers, Pete

From: Basil
Not really sure when I signed up but lurked around since about 2002. Lots of good info available here. Generally not a big fan of the whole impersonal attack culture on a lot of these digital forums.

From: stringgunner
2007-08ish? Cant even remember how I found it.

Been checking it and reading daily every since.

From: Shiras42
I am thinking since the early 2000s under some form of the moniker "Shiras, Shiras42, Shiras@home..."

From: Joe Holden
I was 14 and learning trad archery on my own. So since like 2007 or so. Original handle may have been "MoState" or something like that. Lurked for a little bit before then looking for local 3D shoots I think.

From: ahunter76
I used to be ahunter55 but for some reason a year or so ago I was unable to log in & had to set up new account & now ahunter76. I was a hunter & 55 years old thus the handle when I logged in the first time. I'm 1/3 the way to 80 now so do the math.

From: Nick Muche
I've been on pretty well constant since this morning.

From: Beav
Early 2000's

From: mnmax
Since 1996

From: Kevin Dill
I need Prevagen.

From: Rupe
Pat and I attended kindergarten together!!!

From: Live2Hunt
Since 1996.

From: 12yards
I joined not long after this thread was made I think. Sometime in late 2007 or early 2008.

From: Keith

From: bfisherman11
1999 as I recall

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