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Troy 2 flips 07-Dec-10
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From: Troy 2 flips
Tip number one:

Don't get any on ya.

From: Troy 2 flips
What do I win?


From: Coldsteel
Were's the link to sign up???

From: nijimasu
Will winners be chosen at random, or by some criteria?

From: LKH
Best gutting tip is "Don't", but some of those things look to be pretty useful, especially if you are going to bone it in the field.

From: bigguy
I always tie orange surveyor ribbon to my knife handle and another to my knife sheath before gutting an animal. That way when everything is done, I can always find my knife that got laid somewhere?? and my sheath that was supposed to still be laying on top of my backpack!

I just can't believe that you guys haven't looked at Dave McCroskey's knives yet.

You can have any 3 colors you want on the handle, yes even flourescent orange, made for your hand, has your name on the blade, several blade styles and it will skin and field dress at least 4 elk before you need to get it resharpened (which is done free of charge).

You know how tough it is to skin a hog? Well, Dave's knives go through the process like a hot knife going through butter. If you talk to Dave, make sure that you tell him that you are a member of a bowhunting organization or NRA for a discount of his listed price.

You will never use another knife!!!

From: alimoche

alimoche's Link
Here is a link of a video I madde about this topic that you may find it of interest.

Have a nice season!

Pedro Ampuero

From: nijimasu

nijimasu's Link
This is the one I listed in the "don't do" part of my post.

From: mtnman
Just shows, don't gut that beast,just get the quarters and the backstraps.

From: nijimasu
loved watching my son gutting for the first time

jesse deer dressing 2009

Take out the tender lion just after gutting. I usually carry a zip lock bag with me for this. If left in and taken to a butcher it usually ends dried out and not nearly and good.

From: Mt. man
I am sorry was the contest named "Tell me how much you love the gutless method?" NO!

From: one_elk
use a sharp knife

From: Ryanw
hang the deer before you gut it.... ive never done it because im not afraid to get a little blood on me, but ive seen a few people do it with success

I would start with the section of the animal that sustained no damage.If shot in the chest area ahead of the diaphram,completly clean everything behind it first,before cutting thru the diaphram.Should be able to see what you are doing instead of using the braille method.

There are so many wonderful tips on field dressing a deer! Protecting yourself should always be the most important thing anyone can do. Regardless of who wins this contest, I hope some will read my this posting and take my lead, respectfully.

Field dressing an animal increases your risk of getting cut and/or exposures you to possible harmful diseases. By simply wearing a cheap(less than $15.00) kevlar glove on the non-knife hand, followed by gloves on both hands will reduce this risk dramatically. I field dressed, boned out and butchered hundreds of animals and this simple, light weight glove saved me from getting cut on many occassions. It's easy to clean and should be a standard piece of equipment for all hunters. Happy Holiday's to all!

From: Clutch

Clutch's embedded Photo
Clutch's embedded Photo
The four essential items I usually have in my possesion for skinning is a good pair of heavy duty latex gloves, a stainless steal glove for the non knife hand, a meat hook and a sharp knife--I use the meat hook to help pull the skin away from the meat as I am skinning and also to remove the meat as I am quartering it up--the stainless steal glove washes easily and never rust--I never gut a deer when cleaning--I suitcase the deer--the only slit I have is about a 6" slice to remove the tender loins--the guts stay intact---I am not a heart or liver eater--if a friend wants them then we remove them

I always carry some parachute cord to tie the legs back it makes it a whole lot easier when you can see what your cutting and if possible have the head end up hill a bit.

From: nijimasu

nijimasu's embedded Photo
nijimasu's embedded Photo
Remember to enjoy yourself!

From: petedrummond
Take deer if possible to house and hang and let gravity expedite gutting and cooling after you hoist it in a tree. Don't leave guts to attract coyotes. Cut along sternum in the soft tissue on side of sternum up to neck and use stick to split chest. Cut diaphragm and windpipe and guts fall out. Take water and immediatly wash out or use a hose if available. It is not necessary to skin and most procesers tell you not to skin. If you can hose out quick elimates any fouling by guts. After being hung you can gut in about a minute or two.

From: keep
Gutting when you don't have a gut hook. Take your open hand, palm up and place the knife blade between your index and middle finger with the blade edge up and barely protruding between your fingers. The tip of the knife needs to be between your knuckles of those 2 fingers. That way you will not puncture the guts when "unzipping" them.

The only other thing I have isn't gutting per se rather a cleaning tip. I use a pair of pruning shears to cut the lower parts of the legs off rather than dulling the knife while trying to joint it out.

From: longbeard
A knife with a gut hook on it is a big advantage in helping not to puncture the stomach and I always try to remember to slit the hind legs near the hocks while I'm still in the field...this way once I put my knife away and take off the gloves I dont have to handle the bloody knife again for tagging or hanging the deer

From: Blue Buck2
Pat, when I try to post my tip nothing happens. I know it says to be patient but I let it sit for 2 hours and nothing? What am I doing wrong?

From: nijimasu
gutting tip contest submissions are closed- the butchering one is open now.

From: BRI
1. carry superglue with you so when you cut yourself (and eventually you will) you can close the wound.

2. Face the animal downhill (if possible or applicable) to start. This gets the guts more towards the cavity and helps to prevent puncturing the paunch.

From: JD
Get someone else to do it.

From: Long Hunter
I submitted a butchering tip yesterday and got a message saying it had been submitted but it has not appeared. I re-submitted a few minutes ago, perhaps I did something wrong.

From: Peepin Tom
This contest is a bit frustrating, it appears some folks have had the same problem as me with their tips not getting posted. Do our tips just stink or is something wrong with the contest?!?!

From: Trapper
I taught my son (Birddog) to gut 15 years ago. Its been payback ever since. He does a great job as he does most deer for our Michigan and Wisconsin camps. He has literally did 100s since.

From: TradTech
nijimasu - no disprect intended with what I'm about to say...Keep in mind that I cut meat for 25 years.

I have to laugh when I see someone sitting in a chair with fresh meat on a table and a knife in hand.

It's all about knife control. It couldn't be more difficult and risky to handle a knife while preping meat while sitting. It's important to be above what you're working on instead of on a level plane.

BTW, sure looks like you're having a great time! That IS what it's all about. Being safe sometimes takes second seat. ;?)

From: nijimasu

Good to know. Makes perfect sense.

I do get pretty tired elk hunting, and probably sit too much around camp anyway!

From: knifer
trapper,can i borrow yer son?

From: Greenlegs
Crack chest first while hanging by feet by feeling for sternum/breast bone and slip knife in just below guts. This always keeps guts off your hands. THEN start back up top to cut the abdomen. Hard to explain but very easy. In other words after rectum next cut is at ribs down to neck. This drains all blood from chest while you go back up and gut it. I tried it once and haven't had bloody hands in I can't remember when.

have your wife do it!.......

From: timmy bowen
guting is easy if u got a good knife just turn the deer down hill watch out for the blood running out

From: dlpassthru
I could swear we did this already. I must be jrunk.

From: TD
Herm wins!

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