Your top 3 to do list, Bowhunting!
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While many guys are setting up funds for tags, points and trips this upcoming year, and others have more than one species to hunt on thier state ( I'm green with envy! ) I thought it would be interesting to see who has what on their top 3 to do list. Personally for me, I have traveled quite a bit to pursue whitetail. I've done 3 black bear trips and I'm about to leave on a mountain lion hunt. Thinking back now, I sometimes wish I had tried to hunt different animals with a bow. After reading so many posts here, which by the way is great, hearing about sucsessful hunts on elk, sheep, pronghorn, I've decided, ( if funds allow ) to go for it.

Mine are, in no particular order, elk, caribou and mule deer.

From: kellyharris
black bear, mountian lion, caribou

From: napierz7
elk,alaskan moose,pronghorn. bow only

From: GhostBird
Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Black bear...

... my problem is I have been bitten by the Africa bug and have my second safari schedule for this year !

From: Frosty
Carbou, any sheep, elk.

From: AZstumpy
First couple months into bowhunting, so something living that I want to eat.

From: DaveN
1. A snowshoe bobcat hunt.

2. Blacktail Deer in a western rain forest.

3. Stalk grizz along a salmon stream.

I've never had the opportunity but would love to do any of the three!

From: flinger
If money was no issue: Brown Bear, Dall Sheep, and Mountain Caribou.

Realistically: Elk, Mule Deer, More Elk.

From: JW
A BIG Alberta Muley, Arizona Elk and Alaska-Yukon Moose. The Muley hunt will be next year!

From: Bou'bound
1. Enjoy more trips with my son

2. Enjoy more trips with my son

3. Enjoy more trips with my son

From: Woodman@work
Mule deer, elk, bighorn sheep.

From: fuzzy
realistically :

black bear, moose, rocky mountain elk


brown bear, camel, zebra

Still need to get back at the turkeys and antelope after that elk.

From: Bake
300" plus bull elk (have taken two small bulls)

Velvet high country muley.


From: sticksender
1. CO Mt Goat diy

2. Bighorn Ram anywhere diy

3. Free-range Bull Bison anywhere, diy if possible

Living in Indiana, this list puts me 100% at the mercy of state draws and raffles, all with poor odds. So I'll probably do many other hunts before I get to the above 3. But get there I ;-)

From: Seminole
What boubound siad for #1 Enjoy time with my son;

2) buffalo!

3) Red Stagg!

From: lineman21
dream: brown bear, yukon moose, arizona elk

my 3 for sure in the next 10 years: alberta muley, sonora muley, and elk every year with a muley tag when I can draw!

From: Bowhunner
Brown bear, Yukon moose and any wild sheep.

From: Waterfowler
Aussie buffalo

Ibex in Turkey

Any one of the Argalis

From: Hawkeye
Moose Elk Sheep

From: Rick M
Sheep, Alaskan moose, Billy

From: Willis5
Africa again Mt. goat Elk

From: Bake
You're talking my top 3 of all time, I answered above with my realistic, next 5 years type of goal

My all time, dream-big, goals. . .

Argali 200" plus non-typical whitetail Lesser kudu


Looks like moose and sheep taking most intrest.

From: OregonArcher
Sheep, Alaskan Moose, and Mt Lion.

From: sawdust
Co Mt.goat, Africa, and Bison.

From: longboman
Watch my three sons get their first biggame animal. Don't matter for what.

From: WI Jake
Red stag, moose and big horn sheep, until I can afford those: mule deer, elk and prong horn.

From: DWP
In the order that I expect to accomplish them.

Branch bull

Nice muley buck

Alaskan moose

All with bow, maybe a recurve.

And then do them all over again with my daughter and son when they get older.

I agree with Bou 100%. It makes absolutely no difference what specie I hunt if it's with him! Good stuff just happens when we team up!

That said I would like to kill an Elk someday soon and get all 5 five North American deer species. When that is done I wish to pursue (notice I didn't say kill) big whitetails each year and my work will be done! Don't get me wrong I love hunting ANY and ALL North American species (and will likely chase a bunch more) it just doesn't matter as much these days.

From: Dave B
ak/yukon moose, spot and stalk black bear, mtn. goat billy.

I would say spot and stalk brown bear but I don't think I could pack enough underwear to hunt them successfully.

From: INbowdude
Moose, Cape Buffalo, Musk Ox, I'll try to get them in the next 5 years and keep on going!

From: Arrowsmith
Anything with my son, but my three are Caribou, Moose and Mule deer.

From: Leadspreader
for North America: Moose, Bighorn Sheep/Dall sheep, and Caribou For Africa: Cape Buffalo, Kudu(any plains game), Lion.

From: TEmbry
My all time 3: Australian Water Buffalo, Yukon Dall Sheep, New Zealand Chamois/Tahr Hunt

My realistic 3 in next 5 years: New Zealand Chamois/Tahr Hunt, Black Bear, Mule Deer

From: Ermine
Colorado Mtn Goat

Colorado Bighorn Sheep

Big coues buck

From: Butternut40
Hog Elk Moose

From: Watts
Ibex in New Mexico!!!

Kill an alligator out of my kayak.

Any one of the four sheep species.

From: Matthewsman
Yukon Moose, Elephant, Grizzly Bear

From: DaleM
1. Still looking for a legal bull elk....preferably a wallhanger. 2. Black bear. 3. Some hogs...the way Illinois is going we may have a population explosion of them here in the near future.

1. Africa 2. Mule Deer 3. Mtn. Goat

From: bowwild
Fat chance: Sheep, Kodiak Bear, & Alaskan/Yukon Moose

Doable but undone: Kill an Elk, buck antelope, 160+ white-tail.

Actually, I have an outside shot at hunting the AY Moose in September without breaking the bank.

From: Bowme2
"300" plus bull elk (have taken two small bulls)

Velvet high country muley.


Bake, you and I need to go hunting together... EXACTLY what I'm after! Have killed a cow and two smaller bulls. ;)

Would also like to shoot a big Moose with my bow...

From: Mathews Man
The top 3 on my wish list are; 1) Muskox, 2) Sitka Blacktail, and 3) Coues Whitetail.

This fall we should finally draw our CO limited Elk tags (been applying for over 16 years).

I have a lot of WP's for my 3rd CO Ram tag, but ultimately I keep hoping to draw my elusive Cow Moose tag almost as much as anything available here in Colorado.

Next January we will be hunting Coues WT in Arizona DIY.

Thanks to my dad, my Africa bug has been quenched, so much so that I need a place to put some of the mounts.

From: Beendare
My top 3 to do list; 1) Stay in shape to bowhunt well into my 70's

2) Style my life to spend more time with family and in the woods hunting

Really no #3 but just to complete it

3) Hunt elk in a limited unit-Nev,Utah,Arizona,NM,Wyo. doesnt matter- every year

From: arrower
My top 3 would be:

Dall Sheep Elk Mountain Caribou

From: hunter
need a Lynx to complete my cat slam

any male North American sheep

Mt goat

From: keep
Sooner: Muskox, Coues, Sitka blacktail (under 5yrs)

Later: Brown Bear, A/Y Moose, Sheep (probably 5+ yrs out)

From: medicinemann
Alaskan/Yukon Moose, Barren Ground Caribou, and another Roosevelt Elk.

From: Booner
A/Y Moose, Brown Bear and Mountain Lion

From: Sage Buffalo
1. Enjoy more trips with my son/daughter

2. Enjoy more trips with my son/daughter

3. Enjoy more trips with my son/daughter

From: Scoot
Shoot a deer with my son along, watch my son shoot his first deer, Alaskan grizzley.

From: midwest
High country velvet muley

6 pt. bull elk

Any bull moose subspecies

All bow DIY

From: pav
Bighorn Sheep (anywhere)

B&C caliber whitetail (anywhere)

Caribou in Alaska

1 Any Moose 2 Sitka Blacktail deer 3 Finish my turkey slam

From: TheSaint
We'll I'm pretty pumped for this year.

If I don't draw my CO Bighorn tag, I'm going to AK on a Dall sheep hunt. If I do draw in CO I'll be hunting brown bear in Oct up in Alaska. Either way I'm going to hunt sheep and have an awesome year!!!

In short 1. Sheep 2. Brown Bear or Grizzly 3. Muley's

From: loopmtz
1. Mountain Goat. 2. White tail deer 3. High Country velvet Muley.

From: Bowbender
1. grizzly 2. Dall sheep 3. American bison

From: city hunter
380 class bull 180net whitetail 28inch brown bear haha i might have to live to the ripe age of 150 to get this done lol

it really dosent matter what critter as long as im hunting , its all good ..

From: CJC
1.Moose 2.Caribou 3.Sitka Blacktail

From: Ty
lotto: Marco Polo Sheep, Hippo, Walrus,

Luck: Bighorn sheep, Moutain Goat, 70" Moose

From: Redman
Desert Sheep, Polar Bear and Vancouver Island Roosevelt Elk!

1. Polar Bear 2. Desert Sheep 3. Stone Sheep

City Hunter thats great!

BTW, speaking of Polar Bear, are they allowed back in the states?

From: brettpsu
Big Horns, Desert Sheep, Mountain Goat(coming in 2012)

City Hunter thats great!

BTW, speaking of Polar Bear, are they allowed back in the states?

From: Bowboy
1. Hunt Brown Bear (going this fall to AK)

2. Mountain Goat (going this fall to BC)

3. Bighorn Sheep (should be going to WY in 2012)

From: Jack Harris
1)Mature Whitetail doe with bow 2)Mature Whitetail Buck with bow 3)Mature Whitetail doe or buck with bow

(when i love something that much - no need for variety)

From: Bigpizzaman
If I'm going to dream it's going to be BIG!

1)N/A 30 w/Bow (adding in Walrus)

2)Africa Big 7 w/Bow

3) Taking Grandson on first of many trips! This one is really first!!

From: Redman
Polar bears are still banned for importation, but there is a proposed bill right now to de-list them. I am waiting.

From: bghunter
Aussie Water Buffalo, Bison, Shiras Moose

From: hunterx
1. Polar Bear 2. Bighorn Sheep 3. Cape Buffalo

Realistically probably have to settle for 1 of those.

From: kyarcher27
Pope and young whitetail, black bear, elk-especially here in KY if I ever draw

From: sipe
Horseback Elk hunt

Bighorn sheep

spot and stalk alberta muledeer

From: bigrigNE
1. Elk with the old man it'll be a first for both.

2. High country DIY Mule Deer

3. Bighorn

From: littlepig
1: Take my girlfriend pig hunting (she will be the shooter with her new Razor Edge)

2: Elk hunt in New Mexico or east KY (where I grew up)

3: Alberta to hunt the huge a$$ whitetail that my Canadian buddies are killing

number will mean the most....

From: JLS
Nevada Mule Deer

Colorado Mule Deer

Washington late season Whitetail

From: Tilzbow
Sheep (Any)

Alaska/Yukon or Canadian Moose


...and then...

...more cool hunts for different stuff!

Elk( been trying for 3 years with heartbreakingly close calls but haven't sealed the deal.....yet) Black bear: just haven't gone and done it for some reason Elk( it's just so addictive and will be such a huge moment when I get one it makes the list twice)


1. Camel with Benno 2. brown Bear in AK 3. Whitetail


1. Moose 2. Dall sheep 3. Mountain lion

1)Russian Boar/w/my bow /w/ my pop 2)A whitetail thats bigger than the 133" that's on my wall now. Mounted facing the opposite way of course. 3)A turkey or coyote /w/ my bow

In that order. All of these feel attainable and once these goals are met I will have to set some higher ones and go for those too!

From: njbuck
1- Any sheep 2- moose 3- brown bear

Next 3 Years- 1- Cougar 2- Mule Deer 3- Couse Deer

From: jerseyjohn
Dall, Bighorn, Stone and Desert Bighorn........Oh thats 4.......well since I am dreaming I dreamed of the top 4! ha..........JJ

From: badlander
Caribou, Sitka Blacktail, high country Mule Deer

In any order would be fine - of course continuing to chase whitetail, elk, pronghorn and whatever else along the way.

Elk, Muledeer, Moose

From: Mertyman
Moose, Caribou, Mule Deer


Mt Lion Alaskan Moose Caribou

From: beaneater

From: rooster
For me it would be second chances at elk and pronghorn followed by caribou! Africa remains a dream.

From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's Link
Yukon Moose, Barren Ground Caribou, Speedgoat

Best of Luck, Jeff (Bowsite Sponsor)

From: DClark
Moose --- Sitka Blacktail --- Caribou.

From: mtnbowhunter
1. Bighorn 2. Black Bear 3. Elk/Moose

From: DonSchultz
I turned 60 last summer so I guess it's a bucket list.

1. Bison. A meat hunt. I don't want a corral shoot, but I'm not looking for Yellow Stone escapees either. Some of the ranches are 4000 acres or better.

2. Moose. Any of the variants. I think a float trip, spot & stalk, calling. Doesn't need to be a 60 incher. Wish the Maine drawing wasn't such a scam, and Idaho wasn't so far to drive. Means going to Canada for me.

3. Coyote. I've never seen a coyote in bow range.

From: Bigdan
1 kill a 300+ bull in every western state.2 Kill a Cape Buffalo.3 And get a 100+ coues

From: Hollywood
Columbian Blacktail(Trophy), Sitka Blacktail, and antelope.

...and I'll take any sheep tag I draw in the meantime.

1.) Elk. I'm 0-3 on my archery elk hunts. :( 2.) 150"+ whitetail. Shot plenty of deer, just not that big. 3.) Mule deer. 4.) Caribou. 5.) Mt Goat


This year; 1) kill my 50th P&Y Sitka Blacktail, 2) Kill my 100th P&Y entry, 3) Kill a 21 inch Black Bear.

From: Bear Track

Bear Track's Link
I grew up watching Curt Gowdy and most of the now passed on hunters, persue exotic African game. There's only one there I have on my bucket list, I want to arrow a Cape Buffalo and track it in that tall grass! #2 is Mountain Goat and round it off with a bull elk.

If my first one doesn't work out well, then I guess I'll miss my next 2 choices.

From: Rob Nye
1. Get one of my archery clients a 180"+ whitetail. 2. Get one of my archery clients a 190"+ whitetail. 3. Get one of my archery clients a 200"+ whitetail.

From: steff
I would like to help Rob fulfil his wishes!

From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's Link
#1 I want to see my daughter arrow her first buck #2 Alaska Caribou DIY #3 Yukon Moose DIY

Best of Luck, Jeff (Bowsite Sponsor)

From: Mt. man
1. Grizzly Bear S/S. 2. Alaskan Moose S/S. 3. P&Y Whitetail.

From: 12yards
Shiras Moose hunt Mountain Mule Deer hunt Midwest trophy whitetails - Actually I'd be happy the rest of my life chasing these.


extrem predator's embedded Photo
extrem predator's embedded Photo
to DO:

Chammie -NZ ( or val rhebok ) Gredos Ibex ( Spain better than Turkey for bow /Ibex )

Elk better than 340 - my ranch ==============================

Dream list ( $$ sensitive)

Polar bear


Marco Polo Sheep

with 48 different specie with bow, just happy I am " Healthy " enough to still bow hunt . lots have changed ( and Improved) since 1956 in archery equipment and techniques( not many tree stands in 56 ! )

changes alone are not ALways Positive -- do I need to Elaborate !!!

From: djb
solo elk hunt, DIY moose hunt, DIY 170+ whitetail

From: Kurt
A Grizzly this spring in BC.......I'm going for round two with the guy I hunted with last spring. A Stone sheep this August in BC.....DIY hunt. A Mt Caribou in 2011 in BC.....DIY, unless it happens this year on the Stone Sheep hunt! Since I am a resident of BC now after 35 years of bowhunting in Colorado and other US states, one has to take advantage of the opportunities! (Got a Canada moose here last fall).


From: Willieboat
1. Kill my 50th Elk with a bow, only 6 more to go

2. Alaska/Yukon moose

3. Kill a big Mulie

From: Harvester
Mine would be a moose, a caribou hunt when the migration is on, and an elk hunt.

I want to do these with a recurve that i am going to build.

I also would not care if i shot a bull or a cow. Antlers are nice to look at but you cant eat them.

Well, I have to respond and redo my list because I did not get my mountain lion, ( and I will) so ... Mt. Lion, Elk & Caribou Mule Deer goes to number 4 lol!

From: ilandhunter
Moose, Mountain lion and elk

From: HockeyDad
My daughter and I want to each take the following 3 animals with a bow before she graduatges from High School - we have 4 seasons to accomplish this...

Antelope or Mulie, Elk, and Bear

Our bear hunt will be her H.S. graduation present in 2015 all others will be DIY.

From: BowSniper
Mountain lion.... One of those gaint midwest whitetails I read about.... Elk

From: StickFlicker

Any of the four sheep

Mountain Goat

And I should probably actually kill a whitetail some day...Living in probably the only state in the lower 48 that doesn't have whitetail, I've just never made the opportunity to hunt the most common game animal in the Country!

From: elk_horn
Caribou and an 350 Elk! South Africa Plains Game animals!

From: Preacher Man
1) African plains game

2) Rocky Mountain Elk

3) Eastern CO/WY/MT open plains spot and stock for Muleys and Pronghorn

1. Interior BC Grizzly 2. Alpine mule deer 3. Queen Charlotte Blacktail Sitka

From: zipper
1. Not to fall out of a tree.

2. Film my son's first bowkill.

3. Keep hunting till I'm 100 years old.

From: Bigfoot
My Dad died at age 67 and that was 12 years ago. I am now 59. My to do list would to be able to hunt one more time with my Dad. The hurt never goes away, especially close to huntng season. Enjoy it while you can...

From: loopmtz
Sheep, Goat, and a White tail deer.

From: brettpsu
Ok lets resurrect this one from the archives. Lots of current posters commented on this thread 6 years ago. How many, if any, have you crossed of the list and would you change the list now? I crossed one off the list....mountain goat and would leave the list as Desert Bighorn, Bighorn and add a 200" muley.

From: Bowfreak
1) Kill an elk with my bow. 2) Kill a branch antlered elk with my bow. 3) Kill a 300"+ bull elk with my bow.

From: XbowfromNY
Tiger, Leopard, Lion

From: Trial153
I would like any sheep tag, everything else is either in the books or planed .

From: Wayniac
Moose, Caribou, Bison. Can interchange Red Stag, Mulie, or Elk with any of those as well...

From: GhostBird
I succeeded in getting the three I was after, mule deer (1 w/ rifle), pronghorn (1 w/ rifle), and black bear (2 w/ bow). Now I have to add mountain lion & moose.

From: sticksender
Cool. My top 3 at that time were Mt Goat, Bighorn ram and Bison. Just 3 months after posting on this thread I got lucky and drew a goat tag in CO and ended up arrowing a billy. The next year my bighorn dream came true, and then this past summer I got my wild Bison. Now at the top of the list are a DBH Ram and a Yukon Moose.

From: brettpsu
GhostBird and sticksender this is exactly why I thought it would be neat to revive the thread. Awesome to hear guys living their dreams.

From: GhostBird
I also still want to get a pronghorn with my bow, didn't seem like much of a challenge with a rifle.

From: Kurt
I got the BC grizzly in 2014 and the Stone Sheep in 2016. I am still working on the Mt Caribou.....4 hunts in BC, 33 days, no legal bulls spotted. I also was fortunate to add a BC Roosevelt bull in 2014, Alaskan Brown Bear in 2015, NWT Musk Ox in 2016 and a NWT Dall Sheep in 2017! Life’s been good! Plus 3 Coues Bucks in AZ, a BC Blacktail buck, black bears and whitetail deer. Good luck to the rest of you!

Lol... back when I was "Bowme2". I did get to hunt high country mule deer. Had my chances.

Haven't killed a DIY bull over 300", yet. :)

From: njbuck
I said long term- any sheep, moose and brown bear next 3 years- lion, mule deer and coues deer.

I had a CO archery Bighorn tag in 2012 and didn't fill it unfortunately. I shot over my mule deer buck, I killed my coues deer buck and I had to cancel my lion hunt due to a divorce so I was 33% successful short term and still working on my long term goals.

From: pav
Crossed "Caribou in Alaska" off my list....twice. Still waiting on a sheep tag and a B&C whitetail to make a mistake. If adding a new animal to the wish list...a big muley buck has been my nemesis for years...

From: dmann
Commented way back when I was kyarcher27. Haven't checked any of mine off. Hopefully start working on that soon.

From: StickFlicker
Mine in the original thread were Any of the four sheep, mountain goat and caribou. I did cross one off the list, a B&C Desert Bighorn with a bow. In more recent years, a big mule deer had become high on my list, and I was fortunate enough to accomplish that this year as well. I guess I need to make an effort to get a nice whitetail in the next five years!

From: recurve86
Mountain lion behind dogs, big black bear and mature 6 pt Roosevelt bull. All with the stickbow.

From: elk yinzer
Didn't chime in years ago but:

1) Moose float trip 2) Mulies in high country 3) Coues in rut maybe?

I don't have a lot of high aspirations, I am pretty content with mountain whitetails at home and elk trips as much as I can muster. I do want to hunt Iowa or KS or one of those premiere WT destinations but just can't get over how little public land the midwest has.

From: stealthycat
sheep - unrealistic moose - unrealistic grizzly - unrealistic

but those are my 3 in order

From: kellyharris
wow a thread from 6 years ago!

Well so far 1 out of three for me completed. I took a black bear while hunting at Blacktail Bobs cabin rentals in Prince of Wales.

I am almost scared to pursue caribou with all of the stuff happening in that industry since this thread originally started

With bow,. Coyote, ground hog and flying goose. Why not?

From: Scar Finga
For me it's a BIG Mulie, a nice moose and a big bear. then onto bigger and better (maybe) things.

From: Ambush
I have a Mountain caribou curse hanging on me. Six trips, two this year, and I've yet to draw my bow! So next year is going to be a 'bou marathon.

Hopefully a cougar this winter.

After that just hoping to carry on for as long as possible. Maybe long enough to take five grandsons hunting!!

From: t-roy
I wasn’t on Bowsite when this thread first came up. If I had back then, it would have been a big Ak/Yukon moose, draw ANY sheep tag & a big mulie. 2 down, one to go on that list. I’d probably make my new list with still hoping to draw ANY sheep tag, kill a big mulie during the rut, and mt. Goat or Muskox.

From: Buffalo1
Record book quality black wildebeest & blesbok and a baboon. Alternate Hartman zebra.

From: Rock
Desert Sheep in Colorado, Barren Ground Caribou (I have the same curse as Ambush, but I did kill my Mountain Caribou on my first hunt/first day hunting them) and Grizzley

Any elk after retirement, another black bear suitable for a rug mount, whitetail in my home state of Ohio. Hope to move there after retirement.

From: Medicinemann
Got my Alaska/Yukon Moose, my barren Ground Caribou, and another Roosevelt Elk. Wouldn't mind getting another chance at a real nice Shiras Moose, a 340+" Rocky Mountain Elk, and maybe another bison.....or a walrus if they would ever change the laws and allow bowhunters to pursue them again.

From: Bowboy
Got my Bighorn sheep and Mtn Goat. Still need Brown bear and really want a Bison tag.

From: Pigsticker
Brown bear, 200 inch whitetail, 350 bull elk.

From: Hawkeye
"Moose, Elk, and Sheep" were on my list back then. Was really cool to see that...almost like a written goal list.

Fortunate to hunt the first two....sheep still remains. A man needs dreams....always:)

From: PECO
Caribou, Red Stag, Brown/Kodiak bear, one of those boat hunts. I think for a location to hunt, it would be very cool to go to Russia and hunt true wild boar and whatever big bears they have there, if even possible.

Elephant hunt with Jake and Pat and there blow up dolls, Nilgai hunt with Pizzaman, KTH, and Rhonda Rousey all the while eating pizza burgers, goose hunt with Paul.

From: Schmitty78
Elk, mule deer and Alaskan moose

From: Treeline
Although I missed this thread back in '11, I have had a number of over the top hunts and success since 2011.

I am not sure that all of my hunts would have been on that list back then, or that I even though about it that way, but I have to say that I have been extremely blessed to have hunted and taken a number of DREAM animals with my longbow in that timeframe and got to hunt with my son for some very amazing experiences.

Some of the highlights:

In 2011, my son got his first elk (a great bull with a rifle). I managed to get a Coues buck hunting in AZ that over 110" (still never put a tape on that buck). My son was with me when I shot that buck in December.

In 2012, I had a dream come true. Got a 12-day Mountain Caribou hunt in NWT at a Wild Sheep Banquet. Killed a monster bull on the first day out hunting. Mountain Caribou would definitely have been on my list in 2011 because that species has been a dream hunt every since my buddy Nathan Andersohn got one back in the 1990's with his longbow. The bonus on that hunt was that I also got a bomber Dall Sheep! Definitely a dream come true! Both with my Black Widow Longbow - first time that outfitter had ever had a traditional bowhunter. Totally AWESOME!

Unfortunately, 2013 was a tough year working in South America. No hunting.

In 2014, while still working in Peru, I got a deal on a free-range red stag hunt in Argentina. They kind of freaked out when I showed up with a longbow:) Shot an awesome stag the day after my 47th birthday. Red stag had always been on the list - probably would have been on the list in 2011 as well. Left the kill arrow on the lodge wall with a thank you note in Spanish to the crew. It was an awesome experience!

2015 was also a very tough year with work. I did slip out on a weekend and managed to kill a deer at 16,800' in the Andes. That was pretty amazing. Still in Peru, I won a Wyoming Commissioner's tag. Since I had taken great mule deer and antelope in Wyoming but never hunted elk, I decided to go after elk. I was hoping to be done with the project and back for the rut in September, but got held up and only got a week in September on my rotation. I did manage to shoot a great mule deer in Colorado with my longbow on that week off. The elk hunt in Wyoming turned into a late season rifle hunt in late November. Although I got a great bull, it was a bit of a let down to shoot one with the gun. Ron Niziolek actually may have saved my life on that hunt. It was a tough one and I don't think I ever want to do a late elk hunt again after that...

In 2016, I managed to not fill 5 tags in Colorado and Arizona. Tough year.

This year, I finally cashed in my Colorado elk points and killed a huge bull with my longbow. Still no Colorado bear, though...

I have truly been blessed.

What next? Hard to pick the next 3. Still need a bighorn, desert bighorn, and stone. May just give up on a Colorado black bear after 30+ tags and never even nocking an arrow...

It is good to dream. It is better to capitalize on the opportunity when it happens...

From: c3

c3's embedded Photo
c3's embedded Photo
I had no idea there were other species you can hunt beside ELK

From: Treeline
Not many like that one anywhere! That is a monster!

From: deerslayer

You have been very blessed in your hunting efforts to say the least!!! Loved your thread from this year's bull!

I am having a hard time coming up with a top 3 because I am also very blessed in that I get to live the dream and hunt every year in a place where I can chase multiple species, many of which are on some of the top 3 lists for others. Within 1/2 hour or less of my house I can go after elk, mule deer, whitetails, and antelope. I would love to go to some far off places and chase some other stuff at some point in the future, but for a born and raised Michigan kid it still feels like I am in a dream gorging myself in the candy shop that is Montana and western hunting. Right now I feel that if I never got to do anything but hunt Montana and a few surrounding states for the rest of my life I would be content and thankful.

I am jonesing super bad to go a few hours north to Alberta and kill a hog whitetail. I am also close to cashing in some points in Iowa and would like to go to Wyoming for elk, antelope, and whitetail. My top would probably be a double bull year (330" plus) along with a couple monster whitetails. I would add Grizzly bears and a sheep of any variety to my list .

From: tkjwonta
I'll take a big spot and stalk muley on the prairie, mountain goats anywhere I can get a tag and NWT dall sheep, not necessarily in that order.

From: Nick Muche
"I am almost scared to pursue caribou with all of the stuff happening in that industry since this thread originally started "

What exactly is happening in that "industry"? Plenty of places to have a great caribou hunt...

From: kellyharris
Starting it again I see?

I was referring to what’s going on in Canada!

3 realistic,150"+ whitetail,,any bull elk,, decent mulie buck.... 3 on the bucket list...Africa,Brown bear, Muche!!

From: midwest
Had to look back at what I originally posted. This is fun.

Succeeded on the 6 pt. elk, still want the velvet muley, and any species bull moose. I would add a caribou to round out my top three now. Again, all bow, all DIY.

Treeline, wow!

From: Nick Muche
Kelly, there are many other places to hunt caribou other than in Quebec, so if hunting them is a goal of yours, you should make it happen. Lots of fun hunting the tundra.

From: kellyharris

kellyharris's embedded Photo
kellyharris's embedded Photo
Yeh LKH offered me to hunt with him a few years ago on the haul road but the planets were not aligned?

To be honest with having 2 boys taking 7 years to get thru college lol and maxing our 401k those hunts are a dream and will happen but not until I retire!

Luckily retirement is sooner than later!

Top 3 . Ram any kind bow, bull moose , and spend as much time possible helping people complete there hunting dreams. I am about to check off a lifetime hunting trip next week with 2 great buddies. Bring on Kodiak. Here we come. Hunt

From: APauls
Big Alaska/Yukon moose, big Brown Bear, and a giant bull elk.

From: Mr.C
Ive got a big bull elk,Yukon moose ,Canadian moose,big black bear and heading for Iowa in December for big whitetail so list would be prong horn ,mule buck and a caribou! then reload and continue MikeC

Work harder than ever to afford more private hunting land in multiple states.

From: swampokie
Bighorn mountain lion eastern black bear.

From: carcus
Score on a really big moose,

From: ahunter55
About the only thing I ever thought about bowhunting & never got around to it was a Moose. I've been blessed with Antelope, many Whitetail & Mule Deer, Elk, Buffalo, Caribou, Black bears, Hogs, Turkey a few Exotics like Sheep, Axis, Fallow & Red Deer. Now, it's a personal goal for my biggest Whitetail ever as I no longer shoot Does or younger Bucks.

From: Errorhead
Being from the eastern US I have done pretty good with animals on this side of the Mississippi. I have driven through 33 states and Yellowstone twice, which has given me a itch for Pronghorn, Elk and Moose. Having took three black bears, any bear goal would be a grizzly, which would be financially impossible for me.

From: Will tell

From: Will tell
Kill a deer with my self bow

Kill a turkey with my self bow

Kill a deer and turkey with my self bow with a stone point

Bull Elk, Grizzly, and a Caribou. If I had another choice it would be Red Stag.

From: AZ~Rich
For me with a bow they would be : (1) a big old dugga boy Cape buff (2) any mature Bongo (3) any mature Mountain Nyala

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