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Puddlejumper 19-Sep-17
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Franzen 19-Sep-17
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From: Puddlejumper
So I run a early 90's Darton that I was given on my 14th birthday. I'm now 22 and I think I need a new bow for my 23rd birthday. I don't need something 2000 dollars but I want something nice. Any and all advice is helpful!

From: Brotsky
I don't know of any $2k bows but my advice is to look for a top end model from last year. Shoot them and find one that you like. The year old bow will have great performance and you'll save a few bucks!

From: Franzen
Decided to pull the '04 (I think) TRX off the garage wall this year and shoot it. I bought a string for it and shot it a few times. Wow, this thing is pretty loud. Added the shortest little coil stabilizer I could find, limb dampeners, and bought some beaver fur to put in the string. Unbelievable how much difference was made. That thing will be one heck of a killer if I can get the operator to get his head out of his arse. Older bows can be bought pretty cheap and perform well if one desires... it's usually all about the bow-holder. Good luck with your search.

From: GF
Check the Swap&Trade thread on Leatherwall - there are usually several complete outfits up for trade, and you might be able to work a deal with one of those gents...

From: kellyharris
As easy as you can find a great deal on a excellent used car you can do the same with a bow.

Search Craigslist/Facebook buy and sell pages there are many folks hard up for money!

From: dmann
Yep check classifieds I've gotten my last 3 bows from AT, barely used and way cheaper than new. One I got with the tags still on it for several hundred off because the guy decided he wanted a different camo pattern.

From: Shawn
Buy a Mission bow, you can get brand new all set up and ready to hunt for around $400-$450 and it will kill anything you hunt just as dead as a 1500 dollar set up. If yo want to spend more you can but those Missions are a great value for the money. Shawn

From: GF
Or.... a guy on the 'Wall just listed 3 complete set-ups (all compounds) on the swap & trade thread.

There's a rule against selling, but you may be able to swing something.

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