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From: darralld

darralld's embedded Photo
Jim Dougherty with Cape Buffalo
darralld's embedded Photo
Jim Dougherty with Cape Buffalo

darralld's Link
Two years ago today my dad past away. One of the pioneers of archer. Archery Hall of Fame. Pope & Young Club President. Miss him everyday. I'm sure a few people on this site knew him.

Darrall Dougherty

From: casekiska
Back in the 70s I had the pleasure of meeting and then shooting a tournament with your dad. At that time Ben Pearson Co. had just introduced the Switchblade broadhead and he gave me a set of the early models,...a valued gift. He was a great guy and, himself, a treasure. It is too bad that he and many of the other archery notables of days gone by are no longer with us.

From: Mark Watkins

Jim had many great attributes and contributed in many ways to our passionate way of life!


From: Kodiak
Nice tribute.

I lost my dad 5 years ago and there ain't a day that goes by when I don't still feel the loss.

Cherish them while they're still here, gents.

From: Glunt@work
Followed him on adventures in magazines growing up. I believe I met him in the 80's when he was antelope hunting in NW CO with Judd Cooney. I was a teenager.

I would trade a lot for one more hunt with my Dad.

From: Pat Lefemine

Your Dad was one of my all time favorite bowhunting heroes. I never met him but I always sought out his articles and listened to him. Wish he was still here, he was definitely one of the great ones from a better era.

From: bowbender77
Darrall: Your dad was a gifted wordsmith and I miss his writings.

From: Ironbow
Talked to your dad many times when I was a JDA dealer, and met in person at P&Y in OK years ago. Great guy. Thanks for sharing the video.

From: Zackman
A true legend in the bowhunting world and a great voice for all of us bowhunters

From: Scar Finga
A wonderful man for sure, I had the pleasure of meeting him once. Sorry for your loss and also a loss for the archery and hunting industry! My dad passed away 14 years ago August 20, and I still miss him every day!

God Bless!

From: Hawkeye
+1 Mark Watkins. Loved your Dad's writings as a teenager:) As a father now, I cant imagine a greater honor than my son remembering me in a positive light. He sounds like he was as good a father as he was a bowhunter :)

From: Bill Obeid
Darrall , thanks for sharing that time capsule. I don't watch modern hunting but I do love those old clips.

Always enjoyed reading of your Dads adventures and dreamed of following his footsteps. Nice tribute, Darrall.

From: Amoebus
That was fun. Did you get in touch with the PH's daughter?

From: Altizer
Jim was a good man. Bowhunting is better today because of his efforts and I feel sorry for those that never knew the man. His greatest tribute are your heartfelt words of loss and pride in the man. I'm sure your dad is smiling and bragging on his boy right now.

God bless, Alan

From: No Mercy
JIm's articles were always the first to get read in my house. He helped me when I was getting started. Nice tribute Darrall-your dad is a bowhunting legend whose words will live forever.

From: bentshaft
A true legend!

From: Medicinemann
21-Sep-17 seems like it was just six months ago that we heard of your father's passing.....

From: t-roy
I always enjoyed reading your Dad's articles.

I never realized he was a southpaw as well.

From: buc i 313
Jim Dougherty,

Was the man, and the first read in the day !

High regards and lots of respect.

A true legend.

From: darralld
Nothing back from the PH's daughter yet. I know it's her because I have seen pictures of her before. Possible that she doesn't have full access to internet in Africa. Her dad was pretty interesting. He came for a visit once & stayed at my parents house. Guy had been on some adventures that's for sure.

I still have the gray jda naturals2217 aluminums.and they still do the job.

From: Sivart
God Bless him........

From: Fitzbow
The only reason I bought the magazine, was to read his Trails End . A great person.

From: Nimrod90
Your dad was a great writer and I really enjoyed reading his articles and about his adventures. So sorry for your loss Darralld...

From: nijimasu
I had his book sitting right next to me when I opened this thread. His writing reflects pretty much what i, un y very small way, enjoy so much about bowhunting.

From: CO_Bowhunter
Thanks for posting this. There are so many great people, past and present, in this sport and art of bowhunting. I'm a better hunter and a better person because of them. You have a lot to be proud of and I'm sure you're carrying on the legacy.

Whenever I saw him at a P&Y Convention he was smiling. The man was a quiet giant. RIP

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