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From: milnrick
This message is directed mainly towards hunters traveling across the country to and from their chosen hunting adventure locations but it could apply to anyone.

Earlier this week I spoke with a close friend who spends September in Western Colorado guiding for Elk (and the occasional Shiras). The call was intended to see how his 'hunters' had faired so far this season. Although I was happy to hear of the hunter's successes - taking respectable bulls. I was saddened by the news that followed.

Our friend related that after having spent too many hours behind the wheel he decided to stop in Amarillo TX for the night. He checked into one of the LaQuinta hotels just off the interstate and called it a night. The next morning he want out to his pick up and it was gone - and with it was his Mathews bow, assorted arrows broadheads, video cameras, Garmen Rhino, Zeiss range finder all his hunting clothing, and a few other things that we won't mention.

The Amarillo PD found the pick up later in the day, in drivable condition but void of his belongings.

I didn't want to rub salt into the wound by asking WHY DID YOU LEAVE EVERYTHING IN THE PICK UP, instead I asked where he'd parked. As it turned out, he was in front of the hotel, in a well lighted area.

The point of sharing this is to simply remind everyone NOT TO LEAVE YOUR HUNTING GEAR in the vehicles when you have to rest for the night. Tempting as it may be to park under a light, lock up the vehicle and grab some Z's, take the time to bring the bow, rifle and anything else that has any value (or that you can't do without) inside with you.

Safe travels everyone.

From: Two Feathers
Good advice. I know your friend is bummed.

From: earlyriser
Unfortunately POS exist everywhere. They should open up an otc tag, good nation wide, to eliminate the surplus population of thieves and criminals. Can I get a hell yeah!?.........JMO

From: Buffalo1
Thanks for the travel tip. Good advice about not leaving belongings in vehicle. Its a burden to unload and reload, but stand a better chance of still having it the next day.

I have also heard similar stories about San Antonio being a "thief friendly" town for hunting vehicles parked in motel parking lots.

From: GF
I can't help but be a little bit curious about these things "that we won't mention".

Reminds me of Jaquomo's Bear Babe... LOL

Hell yea!!!!

From: sam
Once when traveling from Texas to Nebraska for the rut, I stopped at a motel in Kansas for the night, with my truck heavily packed with my hunting gear I contemplated what to do. The solution was simple, I got a room on the first floor, backed my truck up to the rooms window, removed the screen, opened the window and easily transferred all my gear into the room. Problem solved.

From: WapitiBob
How many times does it take before people figure out that leaving your gear in a truck is the best way to end up with no gear?

From: Woods Walker
Well he WAS in Coloweedo, so maybe he did some "shopping"??

From: Archerdan
Hate to hear that. We got hit about five years ago at the Outback Restaurant on a Friday night at 9 PM in San Antonio on the side of the interstate. They broke into our Tahoe and took guns. Police came and said we were the eighth one that night so far. He said they look for trucks with trailers (which we had) with ice chests in them knowing they are hunters and will have guns.

From: milnrick

I lived in the greater San Antonio for about 35 years and pick ups toting trailers and coolers were prime targets.

It's actually safer for the traveling Sportsman to plan meal stops meal outside the city. Castroville, Hondo, even Boerne are all very Hunter friendly.

From: kscowboy
I have a good friend who lost a couple of shotguns by having a bunch of hunting stickers on his truck. I look like a trout bum in my vehicle and have no hunting stickers. It's just more of an invitation for a break-in. Not to mention, it's also an invite for some anti to key your car or slash your tires.

From: Amoebus
Temporary PETA sticker?

From: Buffalo1

Buffalo1's embedded Photo
Buffalo1's embedded Photo
The infamous sign in Hondo, Tx. This sign eliminates any and all confusion !!

From: LBshooter
Was it a pickup with. A cap in it with Windows on all sides? Did he have hunting stickers all over the truck? Feel bad for him,that he got his stuff ripped, but , my god how many times have people had their stuff taken out of thier vehicles and yet some still leave it in the truck over night. Take 5/10 mins and take out the gear you value most.

From: dakotaduner
I've been in the hotel industry for 20 years. We instruct all of our guests and actually put up signs from the police to bring their valuables especially guns and bows into the hotels. There are people out there looking forward to hunting season for different reasons than the rest of us..

From: Timbrhuntr
Makes ya wonder if maybe the clerk at the front desk is in on it !!

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