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BOX CALL 01-Oct-17
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x-man 02-Oct-17
My compounds are 65# and I draw 31". There old school two wheelers.I have some carbon express 150 arrows ,and am wondering if I should go to 350 size.I'm a finger shooter.thanks,dan

What is the stiffness of a 150? With your length and draw weight I would expect a stiffness of.300 to.350 to work well for you.

From: x-man
I believe CE does not rate their arrow shafts as actual deflection like most other arrow companies do. I think CE 150's are very limp kids arrows. I am not at home to check my charts, but I believe them to be .500 deflection.

With a 31" draw, I would say YES go up to a CE 350 shaft.

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