Trail Camera sale through 10/3
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NEIAbowhunter 02-Oct-17
kadbow 04-Oct-17
Killbuck 05-Oct-17
SNYPER31 05-Oct-17
I had a camera stolen by trespassers last year so I was in the market for a new camera. Cabelas has the Moultrie M888 and M999i (invis IR) on sale for$89 and $119 respectively. I think they are 139 and 199 normally. The sale is good for today and tomorrow and free shipping lasts through 10/4 if over $49. I've had nothing but great luck with my other Moultrie cameras but just wanted to pass it along if anyone needs another camera. Didn't have to pay sales tax on it either which was exciting.

From: kadbow
Thanks for the heads up.

From: Killbuck
I had 2 888i die on me after 5 months. I heard they stopped making them.

From: SNYPER31
the 999i was on camo fire last month for $99.

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