The Australia Buff Hunt I Won
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From: Scar Finga
As some of you know, I won a free buffalo hunt in Australia for next year. The hunt was supposed to take place in July and we were supposed to go for three weeks total with 10 days of hunting. Well, we have had to postpone our trip until a date yet to be determined. My wife's mother has severe Alzheimer's and we are her legal guardians. Her health is failing pretty fast, and as of late, she has fallen several times... We do not feel that we can leave the country and not be available if something happens, or if she was to pass away.

I have discussed all this with Eugene from Australian Buffalo Safaris and he has pretty much given me and my wife and open ended invitation. I should add that over the past several months, Eugene and I have become pretty good friends and we communicate quite often. My wife and I have also invited him, his wife and their new baby to come to Arizona anytime, with an open door invitation for them to stay with us. They are very nice and generous people, and I can't wait until we can go on this trip! As I said, it is a trip of a lifetime. (BTW and unfortunately, he is no longer a Bowsite sponsor)

Well, I just wanted to let you all know, and I wanted to thank several of you for the advice and suggestions... You know who you are:) We are still planning on going, it's going to be at a later time. I have all my equipment for this adventure, and I am definitely going to do it. Just not without my wife, my best friend, by my side.

God Bless, and have a great day!


From: T Mac
Family first! It will all work out the way it's supposed to. Best of luck to your mother in law and wife.

From: Treeline
It will definitely work out for the best in the long run!

From: dave kaden
best to luck when you do go. thats a bucket list trip for sure!

From: t-roy
Life happens. Prayers for your MIL and her family. Looking forward to this thread when it does happen!

From: midwest
Sounds like a great outfitter. Prayers to your family.

From: Buffalo1
You are to be applauded for putting your family before a hunt.

When proper times happens you will have a great hunt. Keep the faith.

From: Chris S
May you be blessed in your times of hardship. Family first the rest will follow in time. Be strong.

From: Scar Finga
Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words. We are pretty disappointed that we have to put this off, but we know it is for the best.

From: Ken
Good decision on your part. Class act on the outfitter's part.

From: Dorobuta
we went through this with my wife's mother, who passed earlier this year. There really is not easy way to handle it, other than to be there as best you can. My thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

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