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I've had a pair of the Vortex Diamondback's for a few years now. The first couple years they were amazing. Clear, waterproof, and everything I wanted in binoculars. Last winter I took them ice fishing and noticed I couldn't see out of them. I saw 2 images on top of each other vertically. If I looked at a shed for instance, I'd see the same shed just one on top of the other. I used Vortex's warranty and paid the shipping to send them in. They fix them for free and even repaired one of the adjustable eye pieces that was semi-broken, cleaned them and shipped them back free of charge so I was fairly happy about that. I looked through them when I got them back and they didn't seem as clear as when I orginally bought them but the images weren't stacked on top of each other like before so I thought nothing of it. I can't scout much in the summer as everything around my woods was in corn so I haven't used them until I got ready to start hunting the other day. I noticed the images are now side by side. Before and now, if I closed an eye, it was clear as a bell in each eyepiece so it has to be something internal that makes them work together? I know nothing of optics but has anyone experienced this? I contacted Vortex again to see if they wanted me to ship them in again or what. I guess in the meantime I will just have to close an eye.

From: Kodiak
Yeah it's called collimation, a fancy word.

Definition: Collimation is the alignment of all the optical elements along the binocular optical axis. Originally collimation is set by adjusting the objective lens and then by making the final critical adjustments with the prism tilt screws.

So, your collimation is out of whack. Send em back.

From: jrstegner
They have become decolimated. Very common with cheap binoculars when dropped. It often happens from vibration. Riding rough roads or keeping them in a boat is often the culprit. Buy some better binoculars or keep sending them in for repair.

From: DL
My hemroids get decollimated if I sit on ice. Run over them with a truck. That way you won't get the same pair back.

From: Buffalo1
DL that comment is a hoot !! One can only appreciate it if one has or had hemorrhoids.

From: DL
Buff I had a friend tell me a college story about them. One of his dorm mates at college asked him about what to do do about them. So jokingly he sad get a mirror and squat down so you can see it. Get a needle and get the tip red hot with a lighter. Then poke the hemorrhoid with the needle. He figured no one would ever do that. Sometime latter he heard a bloodcurdling scream. Ouch!

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