NV topo chip I can borrow?
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DonVathome 10-Oct-17
Zackman 10-Oct-17
Kurt 11-Oct-17
GotBowAz 11-Oct-17
Kurt 12-Oct-17
DonVathome 16-Oct-17
From: DonVathome
I have all the other states but not NV I am hoping someone can lend me a NV topo chip for my gps to be returned before I leave NV I am there mid November. Seems like a waste for $100 to buy it for one hunt.

From: Zackman
If memory serves me correctly, NV is the most expensive of all the states at $150

From: Kurt
Put GAIA GPS on your iPhone and be happy. Seriously, I never use anything but the phone anymore. Good luck!

From: GotBowAz
Kurt, once its loaded do you have to have cell service for it to work?

From: Kurt
Your GPS chip in the iPhone combined with an app like GAIA GPS works without cell coverage in remote areas as well as in airplane mode conserving the phone battery.

From: DonVathome
Kurt I might try that thanks! I have been resisting....... Really HATE iphones, but not willing to switch. Battery change out would be nice!

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