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hitmanatgym 18-Oct-17
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ELKMAN 18-Oct-17
Salagi 18-Oct-17
dg72a 19-Oct-17
From: hitmanatgym
Just curious how many have Spy-Point camera's? I bought one and got the free monthly service. It worked okay, but not perfect. I then upgraded to a plan that I actually pay for and now it won't transmit photo's at all!!! It is in the same spot and has new batteries! I contacted customer service..... What a joke, no reply! Just thought I would see if any of you have had similar experience?


From: olebuck
i was looking at these cameras this week. i read reviews on a few big box store websites and the reviews seem to be about 50/50. with everyone having issues says they lack in customer service....

Spypoint is absolute garbage, and the worst customer service I've ever dealt with. Steer clear of them. Look at the browning cameras for the money. Read their amazon reviews.

From: Salagi
I've had 4 Spypoint cameras of various models and have been pleased with them for the price. I have no experience with any that transmit data nor have I dealt with customer service. I have one that is 6 or 7 years old (the first camera I bought) that quit last year. It runs the batteries down overnight, other than that no real problems with them.

From: dg72a
I`ve had 4 spypoints now and have had good luck with them. None were the wireless though. Still have two. One got sent back under warranty and they sent me a new camera right away. No complaints about customer service. Sorry to hear about your luck.

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