Best Trail Camera for $85 or Less?
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From: Bigwoods
Thoughts here? I hunt mostly public and don't want to spend too much.


From: Bill Obeid
2017 Moultrie A-30.......... sells for 89.99$ @ Gets 4/5 stars.

From: Medicinemann
Buy them on can get some sweet deals if you are patient.

From: Brotsky
Moultrie 999i is on Camofire right now for $99. Awesome camera, had great luck with it.

From: dmann
I like my primos proof cam. I have the generation 2 model. Sells for around 75 I think, got mine on sale for 49.99 a few months ago.

From: Boone81
I've had older Moultries and was not happy. I'm content with the Primos Proofs.

From: Dwitt2n
I just tried the StealthCam PX12fx and liked it so much I bought a second. $58 bucks from Amazon.

From: t-roy
Brotsky X2.

From: Bigwoods

From: The Kid
Keep an eye on Camofire. They have some sweet deals! I purchased 2 Moultrie 999i off there a few months ago.

From: kellyharris
Just curious why did you put the dollar figure of $85.00

From: PECO
Stay away, far away, from Wildgame Innovations.

From: Kodiak
I've read that the Wildgame cams leak. I actually bought one at Walmart this spring on clearance, but returned it unused after reading the reviews.

From: t-roy
I wouldn’t use a Wildgame camera if they paid me. Busbice clan is a pretty slimy bunch IMO.

I've had great luck with several Moultrie cams and just bought the M-888 here a month ago for 79 on sale (free shipping and no sales tax too!). . I've had 2 spypoints, I can't say were worth the money. My good one got stolen on private land, the other one that won't keep any settings (time, date, etc.) takes decent pictures. I've had a Wildgame camera which I liked about a month before it leaked, took me days on hold for hours trying to get through to customer service to which they basically said, "tough sh!t". I'd say Moultrie

From: JL
Just a FWIW thought on Moultrie. I have two older Moultrie M-990's that are still plugging away. Maybe 3-4 years old and I only do vids on my pics. I went thru a few of the M-990's to finally get two good ones from Moultrie. I had two M-990 Gen2's that were horrible and they were sent back. They gave me some M-999i's to work with. I have 3 of them. Two are back at Moultrie right now. When doing night vids the IR lights flicker making it hard to watch the night vids. They are going to send me two S-50i's to experiment with. A little nervous about those as the reviews say battery life is not good at all and with 12 batteries, that can get spendy.

Point in all this....Moultrie has a pretty good warranty on most of their cams at two years. Browning is two years also. The new Evolution cams are 5 years which I think is the best one out there?? If you're warranty conscious like me, it's good info to know.

If ya don't care about night vids, you can get a NIB M-999i on EBay for $89.99. They do take outstanding day vids, not sure about the pics but probably great. The night vids are great if they didn't flicker on the two cams I returned.

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