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From: DL
That’s DEER Tongue

Watch the “Meateater”last night and they ate deer tongue. Anyone out there tried it? If so how did you prepare it?

From: Grunter
Never thought of eating that

From: oldgoat
Wine goes with "dear tongue", white wine on the west coast is a sure thing, it seems to vary in the rest of the country!



Boat captain on Kodiak took 3 of our blacktail deer tongues and cooked them up one night. Not sure how he did it but they were good. Had them in cream of mushroom if I remember correctly.

From: Huntcell
You know the outer surface (skin) is removed before eating. Grew up eating cow tongue. Had my bear tongue smoked right tasty with pumpernickel rye and aged cheddar.

From: Nphelps1870
I love it, I would love to corn a moose tongue like they do for beef tongue in the delis of NYC!

From: LBshooter
I saw that Eric guy from life below zero just lay into boiled caribou tongue, said its like candy.

From: elk yinzer
I love cow tongue but never tried it on deer, hoping I can remember to grab the next one I shoot after seeing it in Hank Shaw's cookbook. Caul fat too is something I'd like to try, that one I saw on Rinella. Pretty awesome these guys are spreading such a positive message about hunting in the mainstream. Sure beats the days growing up when we dropped a deer off at the butcher and back got a few packages of chops and the old communal deer burger and bologna.

From: Bowriter
Not deer but moose and beef. Quite good.

From: oldgoat
It seems to me the deer tongue would be a little small to bother with especially where you are only allowed one deer

From: Olink
A good tongue sandwich speaks for itself.

From: venison
Have not tried deer tongue , but beef tongue is great ! I will be trying deer tongue next deer , if you cooked with heart and inside loins it would be a nice little treat added in the celebration dinner .

It's good, but I don't pull deer tongues because they're not that big and worth the trouble. I take elk tongue though. The Eskimos make a soup with caribou heart, tongue, and kidney that is amazing.

From: Deertick
Idyll, "amazing" is an adjective that could go both ways.

From: Hackbow
I have several times. Tastes like beef tongue which I've had many times. Consistency is similar to heart, which I also like a great deal. My favorite way to prepare is simply saute' in butter to med rare with a little salt and pepper though I am going to look for the Eskimo recipe to which Ike refers - sounds interesting.

From: Fuzzy
yes indeed. parboil tender and slice cold for sandwiches

From: Trial153
Tried deer tongue but honestly it takes quite a few to be worth moose, Elk and caribou are a different story all together. Excellent eating.

From: elkmtngear
I removed a tongue, by request, from my 2016 New Mexico Bull. A girl in my Office told me she loves it.

That being said, it ain't easy. the only way to get your knife way back to get that tongue out, is to cut the lips back all the way to the jaw the Joker in the Batman movie :^/

The tongue is the best part of any animal, but takes some time, and effort to prepare.

From: Ace

Ace's embedded Photo
Ace's embedded Photo
How about Bear Tongue?

The Story:

There’s a bear recovering at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Veterinary Studies that had to have emergency surgery to remove its tongue after it had become so monstrous, it hung out of its mouth and dragged on the floor.

Just to give you some perspective, the bear’s tongue grew so large, it weighed 6.5 pounds!

“I’ve worked with bears for over 10 years, and I’ve never seen anything like it,” Heather Bacon from the University of Edinburgh said. “It’s pretty astonishing.”

The bear is reportedly an Asiatic black bear, and was rescued by monks from a monastery in Myanmar. Not long after saving the bear, they realized something wasn’t quite right, and contacted somebody for help.

Having not heard of anything like it, Bacon, along with several other vet specialists, traveled to Myanmar to get a look at the bear.

After an examination, the veterinary team came to the conclusion that the swelling may have been caused by a mosquito-transmitted infection called elephantiasis – a condition commonly found in people in Myanmar, but never before documented in bears.

According to The Guardian, the doctors had a long discussion about what was best for the bear in the long run, and ultimately decided to move forward with the procedure to remove the bear’s tongue.

“We had a lot of discussion and debate because it’s a major surgery that you cannot undo, but we felt in terms of his quality of life it was the best way to give him as normal a life as possible,” continued Bacon. “Having to carry around [6.5 pound] of tongue is not normal and that’s a lot of weight on his jaw and head. Also, since he was dragging it around on the floor, from a hygiene point of view it’s pretty unpleasant, and he couldn’t even close his mouth. Now he should be able to close his mouth and manipulate food.”

From: killinstuff
Wash that tongue good cause it's about rut time and that things been working overtime on both him and her.

From: jmiller
I have tried deer tongue before, but it's a lot of work for not much meat. Elk or moose tongue would be great, but I don't keep deer tongue anymore. The heart and liver are different stories, they get eaten quickly!

From: Bou'bound
just not interested

From: drycreek
Me and Bou is two !

Make me three. I'd try it with no reserves if someone would go through the trouble of getting it out and cooling it though. As far as cuisine, there really isn't much I wouldn't try as long as it's not gross.

From: greg simon
I just recently had moose tongue tacos made fresh by a resident of Whitehorse, Yukon Canada. They were delicious! Never tried deer though. Might have to keep some and make some tacos!

From: bad karma
Lengua tacos are one of my favorites. Elk tongue is also magnificent.

Never done deer tongue, but elk....yes, you bet.

From: OldBucks
Beef tongue is good. Boiled it then peeled it. Most tongues can be prepared the same way.

From: GF
Tongue was always a favorite cheap cut at my house... now they’re like freakin’ gold....

From: Ben
My mom always cooked the tongue off the steers we slauthered . She would wash it real good, then boil it in pickling spice, let it cool the skin and slice thin. We would have tongue sandwiches on rye bread with mustered and a thin slice of onion. WOW, it was great!

From: Russell
Dear Tongue,

I would like to apologize for biting you yesterday. I didn't mean too, I was just excited to finally cook some tasty food. (you know the feeling, everything that passes over you is bland or too salty).

Hope we can once again get along and I promise to brush you twice a day.



From: butcherboy
Tongues are easy to take out. Take them out from underneath the jaw. No need to split the cheeks. Turn the skull upside down and if not already skinned, split the skin right down the middle and skin it back a little ways. Cut down both sides of the lower jaw and around the front. Teach in and pull it out and cut it off right in front of the bone that it’s attached in the back. Pretty simple and easier to remove from underneath. I do beef this way on a regular basis.

From: Fuzzy
butcherboy, that's how I do it on deer as well.

From: Feedjake
Deer tongue is worth it if you can do 3 or 4 together. Yeah cut it out of the bottom of the jaw at the top of the throat. No need to mess up the face. Just ate a pickled heart I made from a recipe off Rinellas web site. It was good enough to do again for sure.

From: JTV
Ummmm, who knows where that tongue has been ..... I'll pass ...

From: samman
My co-worker loves beef tongue. I brought him the one from my deer last year & he said it was great. He has snuck beef tongue past me before & it was much better than what my mom used to make as a kid. Still not sure I would try making it myself.

From: loopmtz
Never done deer but we take the elk tongue's all the time. Either pressure cook them or boil them a long time and shred them for tacos.. Amazing.. 100 times better than beef tongue!

From: Zbone
Luv pickled tongue...

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