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From: Cuts

Cuts's embedded Photo
Cuts's embedded Photo
First of all I don't post on here much because of my lack of experience, but I'm constantly reading and learning from everyone here, and now I can finally say I've done it!

This is the first deer I've ever killed, and it's a remarkable feeling. When I decided to try bowhunting a few years ago, i knew it would be difficult, especially for a 30 year old who's hunting career consisted of 1 unsuccessful spring turkey season with a shotgun, but I knew if I accomplished my goal the feeling would be amazing. I've never been so proud of accomplishing a goal as I am with my doe. This bowsite community is an amazing group of people and you all have showed my a part of life that I never thought possible for myself. It's a humbling experience to finally know the feeling you all talk about.

From: tobinsghost
Congrats and welcome to the real Brotherhood! That first bite of doe meat will mean even more for you.

From: Feedjake
Congratulations! It's hard to believe but you'll only want it more!

From: cnelk
Nice job!

Now lets hear the story :)

I am sitting in a tree reading this and flashed back 36 years ago to my first deer. You are a humble man and I wish you many more. Enjoy!

From: ryanrc
Way to go!

From: BigOk
Congrats, the obsession begins.

From: deerslayer
That's awesome man.... Congrats and keep at it, it only keeps getting better!

From: Drahthaar
Awesome, welcome to the addiction. Forrest

From: Nick Muche
Congrats! You'll never forget that first one. Nice work!

From: drycreek
Cuts, welcome to the best hunting forum in the free world. Please do not let a lack of experience keep you from posting here. I killed my first deer of the season this morning about 8:30 and if you had been there, well.....let's just say it wasn't pretty. I've been bowhunting since '79, killed lots of deer and several antelope, not to even mention the pigs, but I looked like a rookie this morning.

Point is, we come here to learn, teach, commiserate, fellowship, and occasionally get in each other's crap, but it's all good. Post away, and again, welcome !

From: Rickm

From: LINK

Congrats man.

From: Bowboy
Congrats on a filled tag and your first animal.

From: Cuts
Here's the story... I hunted hard last year (my first season). I spent many many hours in the stand, but didn't see very much at all. I had a few encounters, even drew back, but couldn't let it fly, it was always a touch too far for my comfortability. Even on the last few minutes of the last day of the season i held off on a shot because I didn't feel comfortable shooting that far at a live animal. I tend to look at things differently than most though, and was thrilled that I did everything right. It was a great encounter, and I was learning by being able to watch them. Plus I enjoy watching the world go by from a tree stand.

This year I started my own business and haven't had very much time to dedicate to scouting and hunting. Here in Nebraska bow season starts on September 1st, and the farmer that gave me access doesn't let me hunt starting 1 week prior to rifle season through the end of rifle season. With my time ticking down before my break, I decided to hang a new stand last weekend. I sat in it last weekend and had a few does come from behind me and they winded me. So I adjusted the stand before I left, and waited for a perfect wind. Well everything lined up, and we got a cold snap the past few days. Overnight temp was in the 20's last night with wind chill in the teens. Forecasted winds were ideal, and I headed to the stand this morning. For the first hour of light I watched a hen a 5 youngsters work toward me for about a half hour. Then all the sudden they went crazy, jumped straight up in the trees and I knew a coyote was headed my way (coyotes seem thick around there this year). He stopped in a perfect shooting lane and I let one fly. Well it went right over the top of him. I thought I got him, I was actually pretty happy being it was going to be my first kill with my bow. I got down and the checked the arrow to find nothing. I got back in the stand for a while and before long the wind switched on me. I decided to head out instead of getting winded, but I got a new grunt tube a while ago and decided to try it out real quick. I grunted a couple times to test it out, grabbed my stuff, got down, and took about 10 steps and I see 3 does running toward me from about 50 yards out. I'm in the open so I just froze. They ran to about 15 yards in front of me. I'm standing there with all my arrows in my quiver, and my release in my pocket. I ended up being able to nock an arrow, get my release out, and draw without them leaving. They knew something was up, but instead of bolting, they were frozen. I buried the pin, and let it fly. I don't know what happened but she couldn't run, and just fell. I couldn't see her bleeding much, but she was struggling on the ground so I put another arrow in her. She stopped flopping around, but was laying there super close to me. I decided to end her suffering immediately and a slit her throat. She was dead less than a minute after the first arrow. After she took her last breath I sat there for a minute in shock of how fast it happened, that I actually killed a deer with a bow and arrow, and I just sat down next to her for a few minutes trying to collect myself. I then called my wife and daughter to have them come out to the farm to celebrate and take my picture. I still can't describe the feeling of it all. I also called the landowner who is out harvesting to thank him again for allowing me the access. After all without him I wouldn't even have a place to hunt.

From: drycreek
Good story ! Luckily (for me too), happy accidents count just as much in the freezer as well thought out tactics ! :-)

Hello Cuts: I just got home from a day in the woods. Three of my friends and I spent a night in camp followed by a day of bow hunting. I sat on a ridge far from the road and watched the wildlife all day as acorns dropped. I am on the other end but I welcome you to the hunting world. applaud your success and hope you will enjoy the process more each year.

From: pa10point
I sat there for a minute in shock of how fast it happened. Amazing that you spend hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months or years and it comes down to a few seconds. Congratulations on your first,i am sure there will be many more, but this one will always be special.

From: elkmtngear
I'd say your new grunt tube passes the test !

Nicely done, Sir. Here's to many more!

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: Bou'bound
You got a good one there well done

From: Butternut40
Congrats on a beauty. There's nothing like that 1st one.

From: Dakota

From: jingalls
Way to go!!!


From: SBH
HELL YA. This is what it's all about. Well done. Anything with a bow is an accomplishment. Way to stick with it. You totally get what this is all about. Appreciate your post and look forward to many more.

From: BUCKeye
Good move quickly putting a second arrow in her. Congrats

From: T Mac
How sweet it is! Congrats Cuts!

From: sitO
Excellent! Here's to MANY more!

From: Scoot
Pretty awesome! Congrats on the persistence and the reward!

From: Bob
Congrats, and thanks for posting your story.

From: sfiremedic
Thank you for making me smile. Funny how sometimes they stand there, "frozen". Congrats Mr. Cuts

From: Jaquomo
Excellent! I well remember being where you were in that moment. Great job!!

Check your PM.

From: INbowdude
Atta boy! Congrats!

From: Will

From: ahunter55
congratulations. I still remember like it was yesterday, that Oct. opening weekend of my 2nd year bowhunting & my 1st kill, a Doe 59 years ago (1958). Wishing you many more but this one you will remember every detail forever.

From: Griz34
That's awesome, I love your attitude! Congrats!

From: Overland
Well done! That is an excellent start into a lifetime sport.

From: dmann
Awesome!, welcome to the obsession

From: Grunter
Congrats man that's awesome! I'm sure your heart was racing. I can remember my 1st deer like it happened yesterday. You'll remember that one

From: Brotsky
Congrats brother! Every one is a trophy but there’s only one first one! Way to go!!

From: Hawkeye
Well done my friend! With your attitude and passion....there will be many more. Here's to a lifetime of great memories in the field. Congrats:)

From: dg72a
Congrats on your first of many, and on a job well done.

From: Crusader dad
Congrats. Seeing the first deer posts always brings the memory of mine right back. You'll remember this day fondly forever. Now you're addiction will really start.

From: Rth1229
Congrats Cuts!! That is one of those days that you will remember for the rest of your life. I always say, deer or no deer its about the adventure. Of course we all want to shoot them big boys and show em off but when it comes down to it I just love spending time in the stand/blind. Like these guys have said mistakes happen, if it was easy everyone would do it. Even with all the time spent throwing arrows and gear prep when it comes time to seal the deal..murphys law seems to apply haha. Keep your wits about you and a clear head and try and try again like you have and good things will happen, god willing. Now your gonna be hooked! Just wait til you slap them backstraps on the grill

Grats! I knew you’d get one this season! Now get out there knocking on more doors and find another farm or some public land and shoot a buck!

From: T.O.
Good for you .

From: t-roy
Nothing like having the perfect plan...a then the deer screw things up! You still made it happen! A huge congratulations on your first of many many more!

Also, best wishes to you on your new business venture!

From: wooddamon1

From: boobowmen
I remember a similar situation for me in 1979. I didn't get the shot but I learned to put my release on when I leave the vehicle and take it off when I get back to the vehicle. Congratulations on a great accomplishment!

From: Arrowhead
Welcome to Bowhunting. Congrats.

From: Heat
Congratulations! Welcome to the site.

From: RedDog
You have an awesome attitude towards hunting. Really appreciated reading your story.

From: sticksender
Congrats....happy for ya!

From: Arrowone
Outstanding!! That's a great story too. You have a great outlook on the sport-and great job calling the landowner. Bring him some venison or an apple pie or something. Small gestures go a long way. Thank you for sharing your story.

From: r-man
Reading and talking bow hunting is good for finding answers, but time in the woods is the best , a lot of time !

From: Marty
Awesome! Congrats! I too, remember my 1st deer (doe) like it was yesterday! Kevin

From: PAOH
Congrats !

From: APauls
Congratulations! I echo the sentiments others have shared. In case you are still wondering what happened it sounds like you hit her in the spine causing partial paralysis. Good job getting another arrow in her quick.

From: steve
congrats !!!

From: Tajue17
my best advice at this point is 1"deer steaks in the cast iron pan for 5 minutes a side and thats it then let them rest for 10 minutes! on the next burner fry up some peppers,onions and mushrooms and mash up some yukon gold potatoes and buy a jar of this

congrats on the success and now watch that you broke the ice,, keep the legs in shape your gonna need em..

From: pointingdogs
CONGRAST!!!! you are hooked for life.

From: KY EyeBow
Congrats! I remember my "first" like it was yesterday. The way the yearling buck pranced thru the water in the river. Good times for sure.

Good job bud,enjoy the meat the creator has provided.welcome to the bow hunting fraternity.

From: Zim
Congratulations, I remember my first one well, you'll never forget it. Now you get to enjoy experimenting with the various recipe options!! Here's to wishing you additional success in the future.

From: White Falcon

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