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From: DL

DL's embedded Photo
DL's embedded Photo
Next month the slaughter will hit high gear

From: Butternut40
Dang I guess mine could have been worse. Two weeks ago running out to my property for a morning duck hunt I had three deer run into my car. The biggest doe blasted my driver's side. It took my mirror off, dented my door, caved in the back passenger door and took the rear corner panel off. The other two made slight contact. All deer ran off. It has begun.

What have you done Dave? Looks like the back of a pony tailed head in the floor.

From: Don K

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Police car, over 100mph vrs deer

From: Crusader dad
I've been fortunate enough to never hit a deer. Last fall however I was pulling into a customers driveway and had a doe run full blast into my rear quarter panel. She knocked herself out cold for a solid 15 seconds before getting up and wobbling away.

From: OkieJ
Whoever hit the one in the pic had to be hauling , I've hit a few with the big bumper and grill guard on a 3/4 ton truck and never saw that kind of carnage. Maybe people just need to slow down.

From: t-roy
Holy crap! I ran over one the other morning that had already been hit several times laying on the interstate, and it still didn’t look THAT bad!

From: Bou'bound
Not real clearly Have seen even worse thanks to photoshop

From: osage
I saw a buffalo vs Volkswagon collision in Yellowstone once. Quite the opposite result.

From: LBshooter
Certainly one way to butcher/grind your venison.

From: Inshart
I once hit three at the same time (rather they hit me) running red.

About 20 years ago, at approximately 4 AM, in a neighboring town, I responded to a report of a vehicle that had filled with gas and left without paying - the vehicle came back as stolen.

Back then, in most of the communities the officers all went off duty by 3 AM, (we were always on till 4) leaving the local county deputies to handle the calls.

It was mid January in north central MN so we had snow and ice - slippery roads, so I was only going about 60mph or so. All of the sudden 3 deer came up out of a steep sloped ditch.

They came from the drivers side. The first one hit the front quarter panel, buckled the hood, the second one hit the drivers side door, its head and front shoulders came through the window and hit me in the side of the head covering me with glass and "slime", the third one hit the read door.

Damage: front quarter panel, hood buckled, spot light taken off, overhead light bar taken off, drivers side door buckled in (window broken of course) , roof buckled, rear door bent in, rear quarter panel dented in, trunk buckled in. If I remember right it was close to $7,000.00 in damage.

Other than some glass in my eye and bruising on the left side of my face, I was fine. Over the last 29 years, I've hitt'n or been hit by 6 deer (9 counting those 3).

I will say that I've never seen anything quite as bad as that pic though.

From: buckhammer
Not surprised by that mess. The general public is littered with idiots. I live on a rural blacktop road and I see people go by here every day at dusk and dawn driving at 60mph plus. Then when they smack a deer they just cant figure out how that happened.

From: DL
Years ago my brother lived on an Indian reservation in NV. Two of the local fellas decided to drink and drive at a fast clip on open range. They hit two horses at a good clip. Tore the roof off of the car and covered them in blood and gore. They had to hose them off to find out where they were injured. Typical drunk driving outcome. Minor injuries for the two fellas. Horses didn’t fare so well .

best year we had, my wife hit 5 in one season,,,,, she kept an old 79 big Buick to drive during rut time, it took a licking,,,,,,,, I had a cherry 96 Corolla, a deer this summer hit the right side, slid across the hood and window, came off the other side, and never missed a stride, running away........ Insurance inspected the car, it was in such good condition, it was covered,,,,,, got it back looks good......

From: Matt
Years back a friend got to talkin with a highway patrol officer in AZ. He showed him some pics from his evidence album of some passengers in a car who hit an elk. The elk went up over the hood, broke the windshield and popped.

When the ambulance hit the scene apparently the crew went into overdrive due to the blood and gore on the passengers, but it turn out all 4 were unhurt and all the goo was from the elk. Apparently it delivered its entire contents into the vehicle and onto the passengers.

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