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From: wkochevar
Carry's their bow by the string while hunting? I find myself carrying this way about 1/2 the time, just seems to be more comfortable unless in tight cover. Seems I heard somewhere it's not a good habit but doesn't seem to affect me one way or the other.

I sometimes carry by the string. Have not seen any problems

From: Buffalo1
Carrying the bow by the string is the way all the TV hunter stars carry theirs!!

I was cautioned by the bow shop that carrying a bow by the string could possibly twist the string to the point of throwing my peep sight out of alignment when at full draw and cause difficulty seeing the pin(s).

I keep my string protected with a Primos bow cover that covers/protects the string. I carry bow by the shoulder strap on the cover or by the grip on riser.

From: Pigsticker
I am amazed when I see people on tv carry by the string. I never carry by the string.

From: Woods Walker
Sometimes I use the string, most of the time I use the bow limb/grip. I also will carry it under one arm like I carried school books once upon a time. I even will sometimes shoulder it like a rifle if I have to use both hands to glass.

From: T Mac
Yes I will occasionally carry by the string

Always. Been doing it that way for 33yrs now.

From: Matt
I usually carry by the string and have never experienced an issue. I would bet folks who caution against are doing because of things they can envision happening rather than things they have actually seen happen.

From: Trial153
Not often, mostly carry by grip string side down

From: cnelk
Yep. Every day. All day.

From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's embedded Photo
elkmtngear's embedded Photo
I use a bow hook that attaches to my pack belt, the "Hip Bone". If I don't have the hook, I carry my bow by the cables instead of the string, splitting my fingers around the cable slide...more stable.

Best of Luck, Jeff

From: jcneng
90% of the time! 10% by the grip upside down

From: Teeton
Almost always by the string or buss cables. But only for about 40 years. So far no problems.. Even after a two week backpack him. Ed

From: Jaquomo
Over 50 years of doing it for me.

From: Ambush
Probably by the string/cables 90% of the time. Belt mount bow hook for glassing. I've not had the greatest luck with bow slings, but likely because I've never had a good.

Been carrying it by the string for a loooooong time.......not as long as Lou though. :)

From: JTV
yes, I do it by the string, and then cradle it in my left arm also ... never a problem by the string...I keep it waxed and dont have any problems...


From: GF
Only the compound; stickbows carry better by the grip. Contraption was a PITA.

From: Ermine
I carrying from the string most of the time. Often switch hands and hold Onto grip. But never seem to have issues carrying from the string

From: Matt
I've had more wear issues setting the bow down and resting it against my leg.

Much better to have a little sting wear than to miss an opportunity by carrying the bow in sling.

+1 Matt!

From: Tonybear61
String, handle, wrist loop. I haul it up the tree with a couple plastic loops I zip tied tot the frame.

I shoot it almost daily while hunting so if anything is wrong, I know BEFORE I pull back on an animal

Wait did elkmntgear just take a knee, sorry wrong debate thread... (hee, hee, hee)

From: Stekewood
I'm in the carry it by the string club,

From: cnelk
Id say the survey / poll shows the results

From: LINK
Usually by the grip or cable with the cable rollers splitting my finger.

From: Franzen
I switch from string to grip to over the shoulder. On western hunts each of those three get a healthy dose. On local whitetail I mostly carry by the grip because its easier to dodge brush.

From: Bake
I carry exclusively by the grip, just because of what Franzen said, easier to maneauver over and around brush. Just my habit. Never did get in the habit of carrying by the string.

I used to carry my Hoyt by the riser thing that stuck out, but when I bought a Mathews I started carrying by the grip, and I slip my pinky into one of the waffle holes right below the grip. Works slick for me, but took some getting used to


From: GotBowAz
I carry the bow on my shoulders and top of my backpack for the most part. In places I cant I carry it that way I carry it by the grip. I did have trouble with peep creep by carrying it by the string, plus the string got in pretty bad shape on extended hunts.

From: Brotsky
60% of the time I carry it that way every time.

From: sticksender
Grip carry for me. But not because I'm worried about damaging the bowstring by string carry. Always done it that way because it feels like better control of the bow in the carrying hand.

Never really gave it to much thought until seeing this thread. But now I think about it, it’s about 50-50. Never had any problems.

From: Buck Watcher
Never have - since 1975.

From: elk yinzer
I do partly, shift between that, the grip, and the stab. Never heard it was bad and cant see why it would be.

From: pa10point
i shoot a hoyt so either by the grip or riser bridge. better control getting through the thick stuff.

From: Kurt
String, cables, grip and mostly in the Kifaru Gunbearer on the backpack. Really nice to not have the bow in your hand but instantly available when you have the pack on.

From: White Falcon
Carrying by the strings for years.

Never carried a bow by the string and never carried a rifle by the scope.

From: Nick Muche
I carry mine by the string, cables, over my shoulder, behind my neck, by the grip, on my pack, sometimes use it as a hiking stick if I need and a lot as a bino rest.

There is not a "way" I don't carry my bow. You walk 12 miles a day for weeks doing thousands of feet of vertical most days and you will find ways to carry your bow that don't even technically exist... LOL

From: PECO
By the string maybe 10% of the time. Just a short distance to change hand position. I did not find the bow sling to be very comfortable, have not used it in years.

From: Glunt@work
50/50 by the string or by the riser most of the time. Sometimes over the shoulder, on the pack, or as Nick stated as a hiking stick or glassing monopod. I do grip 1/2 way down the lower limb when tossing it across a deep ravine into a bush so I can cross hands free.

yes all the time, but I prefer the grip.

From: Ucsdryder

From: kellyharris
For 42 years straight!

From: loopmtz
I used to but one season my d-loop came loose by carrying it this way, since i've never carried it by the strings. Usually by the handle upside down.

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