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From: Cocoon Man
Since I always have my cell phone with me I was thinking about getting a remote shutter control for it and a compact tripod and cell phone holder adapter for it, rather than bringing a separate camera. Anyone out there use this setup, and what have you found regarding the pros and cons and any recommendations on a good setup ?

From: Rth1229
C. Rehor has a pretty sweet setup. I think there’s a thread like this kicking around here somewhere

From: jims
I recently got an Octopus tripod, remote shutter, and attachments for my IPhone. I think I paid around $15 and it works great. It is super light, compact, and easy to set up. Here's a link to a similar one.


I have several cameras/video cameras to choose from. Each has it's advantages. It's always good having a back up in case a battery goes dead or something goes wrong with a camera. I have a go pro that works great for fishing trips. I took some incredible underwater video of spawning salmon with it a couple summers ago. I recently bought a Canon SX65. It has a 65x zoom that is about as big as they get. It's great for field judging, scouting, and taking long range animal pics. I have a Lumix waterproof camera that takes great pics/video and I don't ever have to worry about getting it wet. I take all of them along on most of my trips!

From: Kurt
The Phone Skope bluetooth remote works very well along with a cheap iPhone clamp adaptor that fits the tripod stud. I use my iPhone 7/Phone Skope with the the Swaro spotter for some decent critter photos too. Do not want to carry a camera too as the new phones have decent cameras unless you are looking for professional quality photos. Good luck with it!

From: Hunt98
The self timer on the iPhone works ok. It can be a pain to start the timer and get into position in time before the picture is taken. But it works.

From: Scrappy
I had no idea about the remote shutter, I always push the button then run to get into position. Gotta have one thanks for the headsup.

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