Bow purchase scam
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From: bford
Just wanted to make sure you all are aware of a bow scam artist...goes by the handle "sass sfsss ". Classic scam, offers to pay full price, no lower offer, even offered to pay an extra $50 so that I would hold the bow for him. He asked for my name and address, so he could send the cashier's check. I asked for his full name and address...he ignored that. Next he sends an email that his assistant "mistakenly" made out a check for too much money, and would I kindly deposit the check, and mail him a check for the overpay amount, and he would arrange for pick up. I of course, told him to go to blazes, or something like that :-) Beware, it's a jungle out there.

Got a call this week that federal charges were being filed against me by IRS. Guess I will be off to prison soon

From: mrelite
I got the same phone IRS call

From: GF
That bogus IRS call is a bad one - scares a lot of people right out of their senses, and those rat-bastidges have cashed in BIG!

From: Bou'bound
tell the guy with the interest in your bow the price is up to 10,000 and I bet he says that's fine let's still do the deal

From: BTM
Bowhunter09: Sorry to hear about your impending incarceration. Guess you'll be selling all your outdoor gear cheap.... :)

From: HighLife
I'm calling dibs on his truck...... ;)

From: fubar racin
I downloaded a call recorder just to show my friends me messing with the irs scammer soooo much fun but they dont call me anymore dang it.....

From: Jaquomo
bford, I get something like that all the time whenever I put something for sale online. Last time the guy was going to send his moving crew with a truck and trailer to pick up...a model radio-controlled car. I told him I'd meet his moving crew in the parking lot of the supermarket and they could hand me cash. Never heard back, of course.

I had a similar scenario a few years ago. I bought a GPS on eBay. I sent a check and waited for my item. E bay told me the seller was fraudulent so I contacted the seller and told them I had stopped payment on my check. I got my item and sent a new check at the agreed on price. I will never know if the seller was bad. I will say that most of my dealings have been good.

From: keepemsharp
I had one call and say his agents would come and pick up a boat. I told him they better have a real big gun.

From: Buffalo1
I ran into a scam artist on Craigslist this week. Scumbags are everywhere. You gotta watch your back at all times !!!

From: Bowboy
I had one of those IRS scammers call, I played along, then I told them I worked for the FBI and was tracing there call. They immediately hung up and haven't had a call since.

From: Dave
If people fall for that IRS scam with the recorded message by some JA who can't even speak proper english, they probably deserve it.

From: smarba
Agree Dave. The IRS call was so obvious it was funny.

From: Doofle

We received the IRS call a couple months ago. Robin thought it was serious enough she called them back when I arrived home so they could talk to me. They actually gave her a legit number to call back. She already dialed and handed the phone to me while she explained it was the IRS. He did not answer the phone 'IRS'. I laughed and hung up.

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