best skinning and caping knife
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tjhunt23 05-Nov-17
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Bloodtrail 08-Nov-17
From: tjhunt23
What is the best caping and skinning knife combo? It can best a custom knife maker also. Thanks

From: Sixby
Not a custom but the best I have used is an old Buck bird knife. It has a nicely curved blade that comes to a very sharp point. Its great to do lips and ears and eyes with and when you need a sharp point in tight spots works for me.

God bless, Steve


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BOWUNTR's embedded Photo
Ask a taxidermist... most likely this is what they use.... i always have one in my pack. Ed F

From: ohiohunter
Probably a havalon. It'll do it all, you can also change the style of blade, swap out a fresh blade for the face. I've seen taxidermist run those paring knives or exacto knives.

From: Bloodtrail
I have the Cabelas Alaskan Mini Alpha and really feel it does a great job for skinning and caping. Short stout rounded blade that retains its edge very well. It works for me.

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