Trying new face camo
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I've always used the old type grease base face camo.hard to get off and smears .also tried the head nets and didn't like them.thinking about trying the new carbo mask.wipes off with a wet paper towel and no shine and its clay and carbon based.anybody tried it .

From: elkstabber

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I've started using Hardy facepaint. I've thrown out all of the old greasy junk. I can't imagine using anything but Hardy facepaint for a while. It doesn't come off until you want it to. To remove it you'll want a Wet wipe or one of those little wipes from Buffalo Wild Wings.

From: Tgun46
Carbo mask is good stuff, not greasy and comes off easy. The problem I had this year was I took a tube out of my pack from last year and the solids settled to the bottom and liquid on top, couldn't get it it mix up to the original consistency and it was very runny. If using one season it's great but probably have to buy a new tube every year.

From: Bowfreak
I bought 15 tubes of Halloween make up at wal mart on clearance for $.50 each. This stuff is my favorite. It comes off easy with a wet wipe and is pennies on the dollar compared to "hunting" make up. If you are sweating like crazy some will come off but I prefer it this way over the make up that takes gasoline to remove.

Good tip Mark,,I hear ya on the gasoline,,,,on a 8 day Illinois bow hunt last year,,,every day with face paint,,,by day 6 my face bled afterr the vicious scrubbing at night,,,,no fun at all...out with the old school crap,,,

From: oldgoat
I really like the carbon mask, actually feels good putting it on. Bought some Hardy, but haven't tried it yet!

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