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doc holliday 20-Nov-17
GF 20-Nov-17
Beendare 20-Nov-17
Tracker 20-Nov-17
N-idaho 20-Nov-17
From: doc holliday
Thinking of trying a leon stewart 3 piece longbow. any opinions on his bows would be helpful. Shooting a tree stick, and 21st century longbows. Only experience. Have to drop down a few lbs. Want a nice shooting bow.

From: GF
Have you asked over on Leatherwall? Lot of guys over there will have shot/owned/traded off one or more...

Don’t think I’ve ever heard an unkind word about them...

From: Beendare
hey doc...Stewart is recognized as one of the best builders of an RD longbow. so if that is what you probably can't go wrong.

i've shot a couple good ones that are talked about in the same sentence as Stewart. I would caution you to shoot something similar before purchase. Claims of "No Hand shock" is a bit exaggerated, IMO.

i'm not saying that these Stewarts or this design isn't one heck of a bow- they are...but you have to like that design. Stewart, Berry, Liberty, Omega, Toelke, 21st century and a bunch of others i'm forgetting are all in that category

From: Tracker
I owned one for a while. Leon makes a nice bow but it does have a unique feel to the draw that I did not care for. I would shoot one before I invested that much money on a bow.

From: N-idaho
i believe there are a lot of bows in the same price range as a stewart 3 piece I would try and get to a shoot and try different bows, lots of companies have a try before you buy also

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