Utah Horse Bench Bison Migration
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From: Glunker
I am still home in WI clutching my bison tag. Even though the season has been open for about 4 months it goes until Jan 31, when I turn 67. The Utah hunt planner describes the hunt unit as viable around the middle of Nov when snow drops pushes them down from higher elevations on a reservation. I see the City of Roosevelt has 4-8" inches forecast which maybe means more snow higher up. Being so close to the holidays my plan is to drive out about Jan 5-8 and fulfil a dream of hunting buffalo. The goal is to arrow a bull even though the terrain is mostly wide open from descriptions.

I connected with a hunter that had the Book Cliffs tag last year and he has been a help in logistics. Originally I thought of tenting but as this such a vast area it is not like I am going to walk from the tent to hunt. As I can hunt both sides of the Green River it might be a 90 minute drive to hunt either side from Vernal.

What might work is having a small travel trailer brought for mobility. That idea hit as i am typing. I have heard of hunters having trailers brought in by some supplier. I guess I will do some research.

I have an elk decoy that attaches to a bow that you shoot through that might let me get to within shooting range. If I cannot find animals is broken terrain, it might make the difference.

Usually before a hunt I tend to have a solid plan on how it will go. This hunt might be adjust as I go. No matter what, I see an adventure looming.

From: Treeline
Awesome TAG! Congratulations on having this opportunity for sure! This will definitely be an adventure:)

That was the tag I put in for, but didn't draw... Oh well, another point in the pot for bison in Utah. That should put me at 18 or 19. May be in the running for a bison over there soon.

I know nothing about that area, but it sounds like you would be best served by playing it as mobile as possible. Maybe setting up a camper for a base camp in what sounds like the best area for you to hunt and then having gear with you to be able to move if necessary. A solid plan for this type of hunt might just be to keep moving until you get into buffalo and then make your stalk!

We are still very dry for snow in Colorado and I think it is the same across Utah as well. I have seen more snow here in September/October than what we have now. 4 to 8" of snow is typically not enough to really move animals down into the lower country. It may take several feet of snow to get the critters really moving down into the winter ranges and buffalo can handle a lot of snow. That being said, I do think that if the buffalo typically do use the public land, they will move in and out of there.

Hopefully, you can hook up with some one over there around Vernal that can help - especially someone who has experience hunting in that area. Might even be worth offering to pay some rent for them to set up a camper out there.

From: Heat
Sounds like a great adventure! Good Luck!

From: deerhaven
I am not much help Todd but congrats on the tag and good luck!!!

From: Scrappy
I don't know what kind of vehicle you will be driving, but with only being there 5-8 I would just sleep in the vehicle where ever you stop when the sun goes down. Sun comes back up grab a snack and start hunting again. I hate to waste any of my hunting time or sleeping time driving back and forth.

From: Treeline
Scrappy +1

I think he is travelling out there the 5th through the 8th. Hopefully, hunt to the last minute of the last day, if that's what it takes!

Was just out on the Books for a late cow hunt. No snow to speak of. Maybe this week a little. The roads can be horrible when wet. Bring 4 chains, winch tow strap, two spares. Can be some rough country, but hopefully you are lucky early.

Congrats Todd,,sounds like a fantastic hunt,,keep you options open and as said...stay mobile..

From: Bowboy
Reach out to BB aka Bill Allard. He knows that area very well. I'm sure he'd point you in the right direction. He post a lot of photos on Face Book. I'd pm him.

From: Ron Niziolek
Sounds like a great time and good luck. Like Treeline, I have 19 points going into 2018. Maybe it will happen one of these years!

It is bitter cold at night out here........be careful if you sleep in your vehicle and run the heater to stay warm!!

The roads will be frozen like a rock in the mornings and as wilderness stated gooeeeyyyy mess as they thaw out mid day.

Enjoy and be safe,

Good luck, Robb

From: Glunker
Mike, I always thought your wood bison hunt might have been the best one of them all. We will compare first chance we get. Ron, if nothing else I can report back on this hunt so you can compare this to the Book Cliff tag or even the Henry Mtn. tag. I checked on a trailer rental but got the impression it would freeze up too easily. Tending more to a wall tent or motel. Freeze thaw, freeze thaw usually means ugly frozen ruts. Ideally 4-6" of snow keeps it frozen for a while. Thanks for the tips and ideas, will follow up.

From: Kurt
Todd, good luck on them! Fun hunt when you find them, huge amount of work when you kill one! Good meat too. Kurt

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