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redfin 18-Dec-17
From: redfin
Just wanted to start out by saying hello. I have been a long time viewer and have learned a lot here. Thank you. I wanted to ask a question regarding the IWOM suit and how safe it would be using from a tree stand. If you fell and your HSS caught you, I would think you would have a tough time unzipping your feet and it might be tough to climb or just get back onto your ladder or climbing sticks without your legs being separated. Sorry if sounds dumb. Just wondered if anyone thought about this or has any opinions. I hunt alone mostly and I really want a suit like this for the cold but I do have a concern about this. I am aware of the HBS and the separate legs it has. I would this it would be easier to deal with falling in a suit like this because it has separate legs and you can loosen the suspenders and let it fall off you. Not so with the IWom as it slips over your head. Any thoughts?

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