who is having venison Christmas eve?
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From: Jack Harris

Jack Harris's embedded Photo
Jack Harris's embedded Photo
Merry Christmas - trying this recipe on for size to be grilled later today.

Beat your meat (cubed venison). Cut into strips. I used a pack of cutlets. Season with Greek seasoning. Marinate in Italian dressing overnight. Wrap the pepper inside, wrap the exterior with bacon. To be grilled later - first time trying this one. Mako says “Merry Christmas and can u please flip me some raw meat”

Elk roast in Colorado for Christmas dinner!

From: 12yards
I had it Christmas Eve Eve.

From: Feedjake
I've been nibbling venison jerky all day. Got to go check the last rack on the dehydrator.

Venison and Pheasant for Christmas.

From: Paul@thefort
Jack, Christmas day dinner for 6. Wt back straps, grilled, seasoned, rapped in bacon as the main dish.

For the first dish appetizer, shishakabob duck breast ie, marinate the split duck breast (use tenderizer hammer to break down the meat some) in Paul Newman's Italian dressing over night. ,hang one end of meat, add to the stick from both ends, small piece of jalapeno, pepper, union, cherry tomato, . Tack the other end to the stick, rap in bacon, grill to when bacon is well done. Meat and veg, perfect. one duck = four bobs.

Add some red wine and a few prayers. All is good. Merry Christmas. Paul and Tricia

From: JTV
I did yesterday evening... Venison Burgers ....MMMmmmmm..

From: LINK
Like Feedjake, home made deer jerky is my contribution to the snack table.

Tonight is tacos, with ground bison, tomorrow is a whitetail roast.

From: dmann
Making some jalapeno poppers with pieces of backstrap myself.

From: hemlock
Bacon wrapped backstrap with horseradish sauce

From: KsRancher
Tag soup at my place.

I was given my deer meat this year, since I had surgery,,,, my friends took care of me,,,, Of course we are having venison as part of our meal tonight,,,,nothing fancy, just simple venison, no added seasonings,,,,,,

My wife and I eat 3 to 4 deer a year,,,,,

From: JW
Venison chili for this evening.

Deer and moose tenderloin along with some smoked pheasant and ham for tomorrow's feast. Merry Christmas and good eating !!!

From: Jaquomo
I would, except a good friend invited me over for a traditional Italian fish dinner. So it will be some of my smoked trout for an appetizer instead.

From: Stekewood
Smoked salmon deviled eggs tonight, venison wellington tomorrow night....

From: DMC65
The scrumptious aroma of a roasted whitetail shoulder fills my entire home as I type this note!! Love this site cause y'all get the meaning of being a hunter!! Happy holidays to all and I really mean that!!!

From: drycreek
Deer burgers for lunch with my kids and some of their kids.

From: Grubby

Grubby's embedded Photo
Grubby's embedded Photo

From: INbowdude
Venison inferno brats. Still hot! Merry Christmas my archery friends.

From: pointingdogs
Also had it Christmas eve eve :)

From: LKH
V. stew in the belly now.

From: DL
I’m haves braised sheep shanks from my Ram. Had some blackstrap last night.

From: jingalls
Elk chili for the kids. Got them all back from school and they love the meats. Best "Free Range" protein you can get! Merry Christmas!!!

From: Scrappy
I killed one this morning does that count. I could holler I smoked her.

From: brooktrout59
Extra large roast of venison in crockpot last night. Outstanding- no left overs. Merry Christmas everyone.

From: PAOH
Whitetail Backstrap yesterday, 7lbs Venison Philly steak sandwiches with peppers & onions for tomorrow !

my first buck kill backstraps for dinner and they were Heavanly.. Merry Christmas Everybody


EmbryOklahoma's embedded Photo
EmbryOklahoma's embedded Photo
EmbryOklahoma's embedded Photo
EmbryOklahoma's embedded Photo
Venison enchiladas. Today. Cooked the meat with some onion and green chiles. Added a bit of spices, and wrapped. Topped with sauce and plenty of Colby and pepper jack. Oven for 25 minutes at 375. They were good!

From: safari

safari's embedded Photo
safari's embedded Photo
Thresher steaks on the grill. Not bow killed, rod and reel followed up with harpoon. I'm the little guy on the right.

From: Tracker
Elk filet for Xmas dinner

Moose stew on Saturday...Merry Christmas!

From: oldgoat
I'm hoping for fresh tender loin Christmas Day! Merry Christmas everyone!

From: deerslayer
I fried up some elk back strap intended for work later on. My 8 yr old daughter was immediately hovering by my side asking for some. I gave her a half steak, and was going to divvy the other half between her younger brother and sister. Neither of them were interested, and before I could call her back over to give her the other half, she was back at my side holding her plate out saying "mmmm...." hahaha... She's a meat eater, and definitely a chip off the old block!

Moose Vindaloo last night. Goose leg curry soup tonight.

Moose brisket roasts done in the slow cooker w/Molson XXX for liquid.

From: 76aggie
Venison tamales Christmas Eve, fried backstrap Christmas afternoon and venison/cheese summer sausage for snacking all holiday long.

From: Bigpizzaman
Did a Prime-Rib for dinner but fir breakfast it was Kodiak Island, Sitka Blacktail Bacon that I candied, Bighorn Breakfast Sausage links, Wildboar Bacon and Free-range chicken eggs! Fir appetizers I grilled some Bighorn and Pork Smoked Sausage Also some Bighorn And Ribeye fresh Sausage!! Cheers!!

From: Brotsky
I felt like Forest Gump....we had elk chili, elk tacos, bacon wrapped elk tenderloin, elk sloppy joes, elk sausage, elk jerky, and elk queso dip over the holiday weekend starting 12/23 through yesterday! I think we'll have whitetail something tonight!

From: DanWesson357
Venison on Christmas day at my house.

From: Fuzzy
over the 4 day weekend, we ate wild boar sausage, moose roast (with baked potatoes), canned moose stew meat (with biscuits), locally grown grass fed angus beef sirloin (with rice) and canned whitetail deer burger (with biscuits) ,

From: rattles33
After 22 years, my wife is finally eating game meat--well, elk burger in recipes at least. Its a Christmas miracle.

From: DoorKnob
Seldom a day passes that I didn't eat some form of V

From: Lost Arra
Braised elk shanks served over grits

Venison enchiladas yesterday, venison crockpot pepper steak for dinner today. New Year's day will be venison swiss.

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