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From: Bowriter

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Bowriter's embedded Photo
Whoppin-chopin, slicin-dicin done and the shwimps are boiled and peeled and soaking up my gumbo seasoning. Tomorrow it is just a matter of making a mess of roux and getting everything friendly. Big pot for the Fellowship House at 1:15 or thereabouts and a small pot for here about three-ish.

There is something about a house filled with smell of gumbo simmering that makes you want to jump up and click your heels. Or at least, remember when you could.

Christmas Eve service at the Sorta Baptist Church about five and then a light meal to make room for pure gluttony tomorrow. The Libby does not like that plan.

Spread the word, if you have nowhere to go tomorrow, you will more than welcome at The Fellowship House, 206 S. College in Lebanon. We may even break into song.

Hope all y'all have a great Christmas and remember what it is really about

The Libby is ready to open presents

Right back at ya!

From: Rick M
Merry Christmas!! Enjoy.

From: Genesis
Yum,yum......we had Shrimp Bisque last nite at our family gathering.Nothing like a little Weezyanna cooking at Christmas.

Merry Christmas John from our family to yours


From: Drahthaar
Merry Christmas. Forrest

I wish,sitting in a dark house looking out the door,divorced six Christmas spirit.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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