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Got a sale catalog Saturday from legendary whitetails showing several items I was interested order department closed till Tuesday morning at 7 .items not showing on website.called rite at 7 Tuesday morning.I got sorry sold out on both items.they advertise knowing full well stuff isn't in stock,hoping to sell something else.told them to take me off their mailing list,and a good reason why.

Its the way it is Dan. There is no way that a company can keep catalogs current with inventory while conducting online sales as well. Plus, if they were on sale, they were likely trying to move it for one reason or another. It's why catalog's are becoming a thing of the past. they are more expensive to produce, resulting in a lot less profit per unit than online sales. Welcome to the new market place. you gotta get used to it if you want to get the deals. God Bless brother.

From: Inshart
Respectfully disagree WV. If an item is advertised it should be available, especially in the circumstances explained.

My brother ran into something quite similar. A large car dealership advertised a specific truck - exactly what my brother was looking for. He went there and got the "oh, sorry we are sold out, but we do have a very similar one and only a few thousand more". ....... Two weeks later the same add was run again - he went there and got the same story again.

So, yeah, I totally agree with BOX - if you advertise it - stand behind what is advertised.

From: drycreek
I have never seen anything fron Legendary Whitails that wasn't overpriced by 50% anyway. Their prices are outrageous IMO.

I didn't say I didn't agree with him. I totally agree with him. I know it exists. I despise it. However, what I was saying to Dan is, that if he wants things he knows a certain business has, go to their online sight and order it before waiting on the catalog. I know Dan to be an old school kinda guy. Who likely ordered his hunting stuff from a sears and roebuck catalog years ago. Waiting worked then. It doesn't now because the internet didn't take Christmas break.

Maybe they had it or didn't have it in stock when they sent the catalog. Who knows? I do know that asking for a rain check is more than appropriate. And, I've had more than one Cabela's representative tell me that were out of stock, to get on line and order it or, get a rain check for it at the least. Evolve a bit or get mad about change. That's our options. And, I like Dan so, I don't want him to be mad.

From: Timbrhuntr
Yup old scam we have some stores I go to and before the sale there was either one item or none on the floor. The next day the flyer comes out and go to the store first thing in am and guess what they don't have any of the item. So ask the manager and he says we sold out already I saw how is that I was the first one through the door so checks and says oh they didn't come in yet. Well what is it ? Scam to get you in the store is all. Oh ya and no rain checks on that item as well !

From: bowbender77
Democratic Party/ Obumer care.

From: Buffalo1
My wife continuously gets sales magazines for clothes, etc. She calls as soon as she gets the magazine- they are either already sold out or not available in her size.

No question in my mind it is ploy !!

From: StickFlicker

On vehicle ads, the ad will usually state the stock # of the normally one vehicle they have available at that price. It is usually the very stripped down model that they run in the ad. If you think they are running the exact same vehicle, you could tell by looking at the stock # that they list in both ads. It's most likely a different one. They usually only occasionally get one of these stripped down versions, and they usually use them for ads, so they do tend to sell very quickly. Imagine running an ad when you have one in stock, and you can imagine that most of the time it is gone very quickly. Most car dealerships work that way. If they have lots of them in stock at the sale price, they will usually point that out as well. It's a racket, but it's the way most of that industry works.

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