Good tannery to send predator skins to?
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From: TXRandy
Any ideas for a good tannery to send some predator skins to get tanned for wall hanging or possible mounting?

From: Screwball

From: cnelk

cnelk's Link
Yep Moyles Tannery

From: Bou'bound
moyles did a great job on two buffalo hides for me


From: TXRandy
Thanks fella's !!

From: butcherboy
I use Wildlife Gallery. I don’t care a whole lot for Moyles and their policy about filling out all that paperwork for Cites for every little thing. Their tanning on capes have very little stretch but the question here is for wall hangers and not capes. Lol I use WG for everything except tanned skins for leather

Moyles does a decent job but had some bugs in the place a couple years ago. Yotes I sent and some my father n law had holes ate in them. Fox and fur made sure they won't get any more of my business with their bad attitude on the phone. Guy next door sent them a cow hide and waited over two years for it.

From: Kodiak
I've done them myself with a kit from cabelas. Turned out ok and didn't break the bank.

From: Franklin
Moyles was raided years ago due to "immigration" and Lacey Act issues (CITIES). They have a inexpensive wallhanger tan but have a lousy taxidermy mounting tan. Moyles is NOTORIOUS for mutilating and losing hides. I would suggest secretly "coding" your hides and then make sure you get yours back. Most tanneries do not take retail type work...most are only available to taxidermist or industry people. Butcherboy....surprised you like WG`s stretch....their Syntan is awlful

From: Grubby
I highly recommend that you DO NOT send anything to foxx! Moyles is the place !

From: White Falcon
Use North TX Tannery.

From: butcherboy
Franklin, I agree with the stretch from WG with their synthetic tan. I actually prefer the alum tan and never have anything dry tanned unless it’s a bear rug, wall hanger, or a skin. Everything is wet tanned and then I freeze the capes when I get them back. When prepping the cape I usually shave it down a little more and then get some really nice stretch. Another good tannery is Carolina Fur Dressing. I use Specialty Leather for anything that needs to be tanned hair off for leather.

I really need to tan my own but running a commercial meat plant and a Taxidermy shop limits my time. Now gearing up to start a catering business and in house retail selling my specialty sausages, cured meats, and spiral cut honey glazed hams. I have too many irons in the fire! Lol

From: jmiller
I have had great luck with Sleepy Creek Tannery out of Iowa. Fast turnout and a fair price.

From: DMC65
I send a lot of fur to get tanned . Raw fur markets down and I can't stand to sell quality fur for peanuts!! Bad experiences with usa Foxx furs . Got someone else's poorly handled furs back . 23 prices of fur in total. A beaver I got back got cut up badly. They sewed it but it's not useable to me . I have sent fur to moyle mink and am happy with the pricing , less than Foxx, and so far haven't had any problems. Plan on the better part of a year to get your fur back though . Standard for any large tannery.

From: Brian M.
Tubari, Ltd. New Jersey. They do a great job.

From: White Falcon
N.TX Tan

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Deer -Axis $54.00 Cape $45.00 Hide

Deer-Fallow $45.00 Cape $45.00 Hide

Deer-Mule Deer $54.00 Cape $45.00 Hide

Deer-Whitetail $50.00 Cape $40.00 Hide

Domestic Cattle $184.00 Cape $450.00 Hide

Elk $140.00 Cape $320.00 Hide

Bison $450.00 Cape $500.00 Hide

Sheep $50.00 Cape $50.00 Hide

Ask about our custom made pillows from your tanned skin. Average pillow your cost $70.00 plus tanning cost of hide.

Beaver $55.00-Salted $80.00-Raw

Bobcat $30.00-Salted $55.00-Raw

Fox $40.00-Salted $65.00-Raw

Coyote $60.00-Salted $85.00-Raw

Raccoon $40.00-Salted $65.00-Raw

Bear $120.00-Salted Call For Prices -Raw

Wolf $60.00-Salted $85.00-Raw

For African-Asiatic-European Tanning Price List Call or Write 250;140;26e2fff262d207e03608f99b2162f841092aacb2250;140;87981b820217614b482e77edc3ecb03cfeecfb09250;140;7d5a7b9098526908c09215c2ecdf44e1ddb18847250;140;f67a4cd240ba8fffc8cba83717537e2d7cc4c704250;140;7575cbf0b540519e752de3cd993a67066817af3b250;140;558e9fe974c8799e906a1e7d182c46374b5e6bb9250;140;18d3fdbd0dc73c81d0d42b88306899ebad1f27bb250;140;f2512fe7a36b9c25fc40bb0893ce8ae52d134665250;140;1abf5754ecb6775ed7e69a40141e7ea2b3ce8be8

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From: TXRandy
What kind of turn around time White Falcon?

From: safari
Wildlife fur dressing

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