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From: Big Fin

Big Fin's embedded Photo
Big Fin's embedded Photo

Big Fin's Link
This evening is our last airing on outdoor TV. We've aired on TV for nine seasons, the first four as [I]On Your Own Adventures[/I] and the last five seasons as [I]Fresh Tracks[/I].

It has been an interesting learning experience and served some utility to accomplish part of the goals in our business plan.

With outdoor TV experiencing the same declines as all other TV platforms, the opportunity on other digital platforms is far more appealing in terms of reach, freedom, and finances. TV was 100% of our views just two years ago, prior to starting a YouTube channel in January 2016. When our Amazon channel launched in late August, it proved even more that traditional TV was a dying horse. In just two years, YouTube and Amazon are now 80% of our views, with TV shrinking to less than 20% of our views.

So, we have decided to leave outdoor TV. The video at the link explains where you can find us.

The short version is this:

>----> Amazon – This is where long-form content will premiere. It will be longer episodes than you saw in the past. It will be commercial-free. Both a big change from the format and style required of outdoor TV. It is free to Amazon Prime members.

>----> YouTube – We will continue to use this for our day-by-day episodes, tips, ideas, advocacy, strategies, etc. And once the longer episodes have been on Amazon for a while, we will eventually post them here. For those without Amazon Prime, YouTube is a free platform where you will also get to watch the full episodes, just a bit later. If you subscribe (free), you will get notified when new episodes show up on YouTube.

By going exclusively to these two options, we accomplish many objectives that are critical to our "Why":

1. Make our content commercial-free.

2. Make our content free to anyone willing to watch it.

3. Get away from the model of outdoor TV where it is hard to tell a story the way you want, where even if your content is different you are required to package it according to the network guidelines, making it all look pretty much the same.

4. Higher engagement with viewers where we can get feedback on what they watch more/less, what length, style, etc that attracts more viewers.

5. Have the distribution platforms pay us, rather than pay the networks to distribute our content. In my nine years of outdoor TV, my annual airtime purchase cost has ranged from $52K to $185K. That’s a crazy amount of money, for the small amount of views TV gets you.

6. Get away from the “King Maker” model that is outdoor TV. The networks make investments in some shows, giving them the best time slots, sending sponsors to those shows, giving them “tune in” advertising, and a host of other efforts to make sure these “investments” are given priority. Many comment how they don’t like what they see on outdoor TV. A big part of that is because the networks, many employees of such being non-hunters, get to pick and choose who they want to see as the “Kings.” That is fine. Their model and they can do what they want. I’m no longer in a position that I have to accept that.

7. Be free of network contracts. Those contracts have serious consequences if you say/do things they find damaging to their business. It is all at their discretion. I’ve never been one to worry about hurt feelings, but hurt the feelings of the wrong person at the network and you will find you no longer have airtimes and you are then in breach of your sponsor contracts. Serious consequences come with breaching a sponsor contact.

I’ve never been so excited to be headed where we are. It has been a ton of work, a lot of risk by me and our LLC members, required huge support from our sponsors who told us to take this risk, and support from all of you. We have a lot of new ideas that these platforms allow. You will see them in the coming year.

Want to thank all of you for the great support you have given us. Not a chance we would have been able to get here without your support. Hope you will watch us online via one of these digital platforms, commercial-free and free to you.

From: drycreek
Kudos to you Randy, and I wish you luck, but I don't think you'll need it. You listed a couple reasons why I don't watch outdoor tv anymore, excepting a couple varmint calling shows. I'd rather get my weekly dose from Bill Winke and Dr. Grant Woods. As you said, commercial free and a much better format in my opinion.

I don't have Amazon Prime, but this may be a good reason to get it ! Again, good luck and good hunting !

From: Big Fin

Big Fin's Link
Thanks for the support. If you don't have Amazon Prime, the new episodes will be on our YouTube channel a while after premiering on Amazon. YouTube channel at the link. It is free to subscribe.

From: Old School
Randy - I wish you the best on your new endeavor as well. I enjoy your episodes on YouTube and now may have to do Amazon Prime as well. You represent the true outdoorsman well. Thank you!


From: mtoomey
Good move! I always appreciate the content you provide. Your shows always get me dreaming up the next big adventure! Mike

From: Grasshopper
Guess my news years rez should be how to figure out to cut the cable cord, my bill is outrageous. If I only I knew a millennial to show me how to watch TV from the net.

From: Michael
Great to hear Randy! I have watched all your episodes you have on YouTube through my Amazon Fire Stick. Now that YouTube isn’t on the fire stick anymore I can just watch your videos through Amazon Prime.

From: Jaquomo
Steve, you should've asked me how the other day.

Best of luck, Randy! Looking forward to a new,improved format that lets you create as you wish. I'm a Prime member so that's just fine.

From: Pat Lefemine
Good move. Digital is the future. And I’ve been hearing more and more about the alarming trends with the outdoor TV networks. I’m done with the outdoor channel like so many others. Best of luck to you but I know you’re not going to need it!

From: 7mm08
It's a sad day for me and many others. Yours is my very favorite show... and I have seen many in my 56 years. Those of us in rural areas have limited data plans and cannot watch online. I'm glad for you Randy. For your successes and dreams realized. Best of luck to all your future endeavors.

Randy, thanks for all that you do! I look forward to all the content I haven’t seen and all the future content. If you ever want to hunt public land in the east let me know!

I have been an A-Primie for years so it is simple for me to switch.

Great for you guys Randy

Good luck, Robb

From: Owl
Good. I've long cancelled my Outdoors Channel subscription. YouTube killed the television star.

Amazon is our new ruler! A bit scary for sure! Good luck always.

From: Grubby
That’s great! I dropped my satellite 2 years ago and don’t miss it one bit.

From: elkmo

From: cnelk
Good luck Randy!

I cut the cable in 2016. Saves a pile of $$ each month. I Put an antenna on my roof and get plenty of free tv when I want to watch. I don’t pay for nuthin to sit in front of the tv. I guess I have too many hobbies and other things to do.

From: Scar Finga
Excellent Randy and good luck!!, We haven't had cable in 5 years. Love your show, keep up the excellent work!

From: Mitch
Good luck Randy. I've been watching your show on YouTube and my son in law just gave us a fire stick for Christmas. Looking forward to watching on Prime. All the best.

From: Bowboy
Looks like I'm going to have to get Amazon Prime. Good luck Randy.

From: midwest
What's the Outdoor Channel? ;-)

Good luck, Randy....been watching you on AP and YouTube for some time now. Meateater on Netflix as well.

From: SBH
Good on you Randy. Way to take the dive. Hope it works out well, I enjoy your shows and appreciate what your doing for the hunting community. Best of luck in 2018!

From: Mark Watkins
Randy, A good decision on many fronts! Congrats on being will to "take the plunge of change" that so many are afraid of!

Thanks for being a great ambassador for all of us outdoor men and women....your leadership is greatly appreciated!


From: Beendare
Interesting insight into the workings of the outdoor TV industry.

Thanks for your candor Randy....but I will have to ask my kids how to get this off of my computer onto to the TV- grin.

From: Whocares
Good move for us viewers Randy. Been watching your youtube stuff now will have to check out Prime. Waiting for a Big Falls episode, maybe cruising down #6 with Windy riding shotgun!!

From: Royboy
Good luck Randy , I subscribe to your YouTube channel and maybe soon amazon prime if I ever get that smart tv, Fred

Amazon is great for many hunting supplies such as blinds, stands, etc. Compare their prices, including delivery.

From: David A.
Haven't owned a TV in years, it's horrible. YT is king.

From: Inshart
Agree with what's already been said. Good luck, I'll continue watching on youtube and will need to get hooked up to Amazon Prime.

From: Cheetah8799
FYI for those who want more info on Prime...

Amazon Prime is an annual fee of $99. College students can often get it for quite a bit less if you watch for the sales they have. They have a good video selection of movies, tv shows, etc, along with Prime shipping and other perks. Not quite on par with Netflix in my opinion, but they have some good stuff and some original content as well.

Assuming you have Prime and want to stream their content to your TV, there are some easy ways to do that. Most Smart TVs already support Prime streaming, but maybe can't get updated apps to do it. If you have a newer flatscreen, check if it has a Prime option already. If not, you can get a streaming box from Roku, Apple, or even Amazon themselves which connects via HDMI to your TV, and wifi to your home internet. I personally like the Roku devices as well as the Prime TV Stick. Keep in mind these devices often require you have a decent wireless signal in your house for internet access, but in general the cheaper models work quite well with most TV sets.

If you live out in the country and not a major metro area, check that your internet service is good enough to be streaming video via youtube before you jump on board with Prime or Netflix, so you aren't disappointing.

If you do sign up for Prime, check out the "Channels" section where you can sign up for different cable channels content like HBO, Starz, Cinemax, etc for additional monthly fees for each. It is a good way to have access to certain cable content and keeping your overall monthly bills low vs cable/satellite subscriptions.

Those same streaming devices should also support Youtube, so you don't need Prime to watch Randy's show and stream it to your TV if you choose that route.

Lastly, you can also get a Prime Video app for your smartphone to stream there via your Prime account, just like you can with the Youtube app.


Yup. Amazon Prime is easy and pays for itself. Movies, Randy's show, free delivery, it's a no-brainer.

Really enjoy the show Randy. Your show and Steven Rinella's are the only ones I watch anymore. I'm glad to hear you'll have more flexibility with how you make the show, I'm sure it'll only be better.

Also guys, if you're on Amazon, set up your smile settings. when you go to, instead of typing in, you type in and a percentage of everything you buy on amazon goes to the charity of your choice. I have mine set to RMEF and after every purchase, it shows me how much has gone to RMEF. It makes me feel better about buying all this crap :)

From: drycreek
Thanks Cheetah, for those of us that are......ah, technically challenged !

From: Irishman
I'm glad that I read this thread. Your videos on Youtube are the only ones that I feel are worth watching. So now I'll watch your videos on Amazon Prime.

From: Yasla
i think its a great move, congratulations on being free. You posted up a series on new mexico archer elk marathon, or something like that last year, think it was 9 days in total. I loved the whole thing, showed a different aspect than TV hunting where everything is packaged up into 30 min. Please do more like that! FWIW me and my two buddies are not elk experts at all like you and Corey (at the time of those videos we had our first 2 years of bowhunting Colorado complete and unsuccessful) yet after watching that series, everything we were at least trying to do was really similar to you guys. Seeing you guys struggle a little in different ways and some ups and downs was really encouraging to us that we are at least in the right ballpark and just need to keep at it. Looking forward to the new outlet for you.

From: wv_bowhunter
I am an Eastern Whitetail hunter that hasn't been bitten by the western big yet...

However, after seeing a post a while back from Randy saying his content was going to be on Amazon Prime, I looked it up to see what it was all about based on the positive comments from this site.

I am now hooked on his shows. Some of the best outdoor tv I have ever watched. Like others have said, I also watch Bill Winke's Midwest Whitetail, Grant Woods' Growing Deer, Meat Eater, and some of Winke's former staff on their new YouTube channel, The Hunting Public.

I really enjoy the way Randy shows the ups and downs of every hunt. I can relate to it much better than the typical highlight reel that is most shows on TV. His advocacy of the sport and public lands is amazing as is his willingness to share his knowledge and information with everyone.

Good luck on your new path!!

From: JL
I like the two shows Randy mentioned.

One thought about the decline of the various outdoor channels from a consumer point of view. Our local provider is Charter. The various outdoor channels were packaged in with other sports channels like the NFL network, MLB, etc. If you wanted the outdoor channels you have to upgrade your basic cable to include the sports package and pay more. I know that turned off people.

While I'm on a role with ideas for there an opportunity (or feasible?) to also have the shows on Netflix or maybe even your own Roku channel?

From: XMan
Outstanding Randy, I watch all your videos online, great shows and content. Luckily I am an Amazon prime member and will get to enjoy the new channel.

From: CurveBow
Good for you Randy. Thanks for the heads up and I wish you continued success!

From: JakeBrake
Hey Randy Did ya get my email about that hat you found?


So I get cable, I will have to call and see how to order Amazon Prime,,,,,

From: Smtn10PT
Fire stick here I come!

From: JakeBrake
Hey Randy Did ya get my email about that hat you found?


From: wilhille
Congratulations on the success of your show. It is one of two hunting shows I dvr. I never watch shows on Amazon or YouTube however, so I'll probably never get the opportunity to watch anymore. Personally a bummer, but I know the move is what's best for your show. Good luck and I wish you many more years of success!

From: elkmtngear
Sounds like a great move, Randy. I'll be looking for you guys on Prime!

Best Wishes, Jeff

From: South Farm
I saved so much when I cut my cable I'm now able to go hunting instead of simply watching it on TV. My wife has a prime account so I'll ask her to find your show for the no commercials aspect!

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