Glue and Bohning Heat vanes ?
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From: Pope125
This morning I was trying to fletch up some arrows , was putting the heat vanes on some wraps . Was wondering what guys are using to clean these vanes . I used 91@ Isopropyl Alcohol to clean the vanes , and used Bohning Fletch-Tite Platinum . After a few hours gave the vanes a tug and they pulled off . What went wrong ??

You didn't use Loc-Tite Ultra Control Gel....I use them on my Heat vanes, and have had great results.

Bohning does NOT recommend cleaning their vanes. I use NPV cement with good success

From: trkyslr
Use aae maxbond... work great with my heat vanes

From: Deone H
Don’t clean the vane and use bohning blazer bond. I use heats and this glue and cannot hardly get them back off

That glue is junk. Use Maxbond and make sure you spread the glue along the whole rim of the fletch. Don’t jus run a bead an assume it will spread when u press it down. See lots of guys do this. Use a toothpick to spread it then stick it on the arrow

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