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Got a letter from sportsman guide saying my buyers club membership will automatically renew in thirty days.didn't know I was a buyers club member.last time I bought anything there,the sales lady kept pushing all kinds of sale items,shipping deals,different discounts.kept saying no.I'm thinking she slipped a membership in on me with fast talking.this was three years ago.I'm checking it out.

From: Grubby
I’m a member, I always buy my work boots there (great prices on steel toes) and it pays for itself on that purchase. They usually have pretty good sales on some other stuff too. That being said I hate the auto renew stuff. I just got one for Bowhunter Magazine.

From: Trial153
I cant stand that place. I want nothing to do with membership, free trials or renewals. Just give me the freaking price and leave me alone. I won’t even consider shoping there.

From: Mule Power
Can’t beat their tree stand prices.

Never had a problem ,we've been buyer's club member's for at least 6 yrs or so,,not top of the line on most items but affordable decent products..imo

Called first thing this morning.told them about the automatic renewal letter within thirty days .didn't want it and said I can't remember even signing up.lady said I must have asked for a trial membership,NO.she said I'll refund the ,40.00 to my was a done deal there them.

From: 12yards
Check Field Supply. They have some darn good deals sometimes.

I quit them years ago after I ordered a couple of treestands under a $5 shipping promotion, a week later they called me and said they were adding $25 per stand for shipping as they screwed up and let me use the coupon. I said BullShut, cancel the order and kiss my butt! Have never ordered another product from them!

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