The Simplest & Best Pro-Hunting Video
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StickFlicker 14-Jan-18
LBshooter 17-Jan-18
From: StickFlicker

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This is probably the simplest and most effective video I've ever seen to support hunting as a conservation tool. The hosts are people that the emotional anti-hunters can relate to, and it's put in as simple and clear a terms as is possible. While you might not like every minute of it, I think it makes the statements that need to be made such as "It doesn't matter what motivates hunters to benefit wildlife, the fact that they are, that it works, and that there is no legitimately effective alternative" is clearly made. It's also a great one to show to women and younger people that haven't been exposed to the positives that hunting brings to wildlife, due to the simplicity and the format.

From: LBshooter
Pretty much the story with cnn's trophy hunting film. If it pays it stays.hunters do more for conservation than antis ever could.

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