Live hunt...on crutches
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Fuzz 15-Jan-18
APauls 15-Jan-18
MNRazorhead 15-Jan-18
LINK 16-Jan-18
From: Fuzz

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Fuzz's embedded Photo
Late season Ohio. Any doe or good buck. Knee surgery last week so I'm a bit hobbled on crutches. Made it to the stand and climbed in no problem!

From: APauls
By your tracks in the snow looks like you're already using two feet! Good on you, good luck on hunt and recovery!

From: MNRazorhead
Going down sometimes is a different story. Hope you make it down with no difficulty. Once, when I was much younger and didn't have good winter clothes, I froze so bad up in a tree that I was seriously worried that I wouldn't make it down. That climb down was something I have never forgotten.

From: LINK
MN I did something similar when I was 16. My hands were so cold when I got back to the truck, I had hell getting the old push button door latch open. It took me several minutes and I was about to give up and walk to the nearest farm house.

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