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From: Barry Wensel
As some of you already know, I recently brought out a new four-hour DVD set that includes highlights of over 700 hours of my own personal bowhunting footage accumulated over fifty years. I know some various state bowhunters associations have periodic newsletters. If your state does have a newsletter I'm looking for who to contact regarding sending them a press release. I've tried several already and am having a high percentage of requests set back as undeliverable/ no longer available. So if any of you personally know the sect. or newsletter editors of your own state bowhunters associations, please have them contact me at Or even better yet, if the state association happens to do video/DVD reviews I'd be glad to forward a comp DVD for review. Thank you. BW

From: M.Pauls
I somehow ended up with copy #1 thanks to my wonderful wife and Barry for Christmas, thanks Barry! You’re a gem and the video is no slouch either!

From: Rock
This should get you to the Colorado Bowhunters Association.

Colorado Traditional Archers Society David Hoff (Newsletter Editor) (720) 775-9141

From: Killbuck
Are they going to be @ PBS?

From: Shrewski
If you are a Whitetail hunter you will thoroughly enjoy this dvd and learn quite a bit. There are two, two hour DVD’s in the package. It truly is 60 years of experience packed in there. I think it is an incredible legacy Barry is leaving for those of us not to proud to say we don’t know it all.

Barry, you need to post how these guys can get the dvds.

From: Barry Wensel
Thanks Steve and Clark. Yes, I'll have the DVDs at both Kalamazoo next week and also PBS in Madison in March. You won't have to pay postage if you pick them up there. Otherwise you can get them directly from me by sending a check or M/O for $25. total to: Barry Wensel, 28942 Woodland Rd., Lineville, IA 50147. You can also order it by opening your paypal account and typing in They are also available thru Paypal via our new website at: Thank you. BW

From: Shug
Barry... email it to me and I’ll post it on The UBNJ site as well as some NJ hunting sites.

Remember you and Gene coming onto the NJ site years ago and doing a live question and answer session? Mark Kronyak

From: Tonybear61
Brooks Johnson at Minnesota Bowhunters Inc., Inventor and former Business owner of Double Bull blinds probably has contacts all over the Midwest.

I didn't know you had new one out will tell all my hunting buddies and the folks at the weekly bowhunter league about it.

Looking forward to watching it.

From: Swampy
I'll be ordering mine shortly . Thanks for offering this Barry .

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