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From: SDHNTR(home)
Do you get a preference point for the year in which you are applying? A buddy of mine now has 10 pts after last year, going into this year. So for this year’s application will he have 11 or 10 pts? I looked all thru the proclamation and website and could not find an answer. Thanks.

You get a point for every time you do not draw a tag. The points you have in December are the points you go into the every state's draw with as far as elk are concerned.

From: jims
The first year you apply with 0 pts. The following year you will have 1 pref pt in the draw. It ought to list the number of pts your buddy has going into this year's draw. It sounds like he has 10 pts.

From: txhunter58
As I understand it, your friend with 10 points will have 11 chances to draw this year. 10 points plus this years chance. In other words, guys apply for the first time have 1 chance, second time have 2 chances, etc.

That said, when you read the stats and it says 10 points required, that means 10 points already accumulated to get a tag. That takes 11 years of applying.

From: mountainman
Txhunter. You are describing how bonus points work, not preference points. With preference points, he who has the highest points gets the tag, period.

To answer the OPs question. If he had 10 points AFTER last years draw. You will have 10 points going into this years draw. He will get another point AFTER this years draw if he does not draw a tag.

Wishful thinking though... Ed F

From: SDHNTR(home)
I get it. Mountainman, now that I think about it, that’s exactly what had me confused, preference vs bonus. Of course you wouldn’t get the extra pref pt until after the draw. Thanks.

From: Z Barebow
SDHNTR- +1 to Ike.

FYI-I recently tried checking on CDOW website. CDOW changed website and I could no longer find my current PP status. The old way I could search w/birthday and zip. (As I could never remember my CID #) I have been applying for so long I have a CC #. So I called CDOW and they were able to get me CID. With CID, current PP status (Before draw) can be verified on website.

From: cnelk
This would be a good time to go in and update your profile on the CPW website since the new portal system was implemented recently.

Jump over to the Colorado Forum to see how some guys were having trouble.

Prob best not wait til April to do that...

From: LKH
cnelk, good advice. On my way.

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