Tsunami warning along Alaskan coast..
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Just saw that there was a huge quake 170 mile or so off if the coast of Alaska,,pray that it doesn't reek havoc like the one in Japan,,,Hunters on any low lieing areas of Kodiak could be in trouble with no Tsunami warning...

From: Pat Lefemine
Warning was canceled, thankfully.

From: Steve H.
Last night about midnight-thirty Wifey and I were awakened by an earthquake. It wasn't the most powerful one that I have ever been in (2nd most powerful) but it just kept going and going! A few minutes after it ended my phone started buzzing and a tsunami warning came across. Today I heard that a buoy out in Resurrection Bay (Seward area) had a minus 38 feet displacement and everyone was freaking out in Seward because it is very low-lying. For whatever reason the water didn't rush back in Res Bay equaling the drop. The earthquake was a 7.9 which is pretty respectable and could have done a lot of damage if it was closer to civilization or shallower.

From: LKH
Yup, 7.9 is all of being respectable. Did they say how deep it was? That can dampen it quite a bit but I don't understand why the water didn't come back in fast.

Was on Unimak once and ancient saw logs, 3-4 feet in diameter were on knolls a mile or two inland and 100 feet above seal level.

Glad this one didn't have high tsunamis.

From: Scar Finga
Plates moved sideways, not up and down. That is the difference in really destruction from a tidal wave and not. Thank the Lord for His Mercy!

From: TD
Steve, I saw a good size boat/ship WAY up high into a gulch off Resurrection Bay, to the east of Seward if I recall. The boat captain said it was run up there by a tsunami.

I wondered at the time if it was one of those that hit HI with a tsunami too, 1946 or the one in 1964.

From: Steve H.
Tah Dah! There use to be a railroad box car on the side of the mountain above Seward, put up there in 1964. Not sure about the boat/ship. Hope all is well in Pineappleland!

From: Mule Power
The pictures in Seward of the rail cars up on the side of the mountain sent a chill down my spine. It’s the first thing I thought of when I heard there was a warning.

From: TrapperKayak
Yup, horizontal plate movements resulted in little wave generation vertically. Lucky this time. 7.9 is a big earthquake.

From: LKH
Saw the photos of all the cars heading for high ground on Kodiak.

Bet there isn't a single person who wished they had stayed at home. It's impossible to know for sure if there will be a tsunami and you just have to move to high ground.

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