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From: georgemcg
Kids are gone and we now have 4 empty bedrooms in our house. I put an addition on our house for a game room rather than get divorced years ago. Downsizing is definitely in the cards in the very near future. If you had to sell of about 15 average mounts these days where would you go about it ? I will be keeping the 15 plus above average mounts or the ones that are very special to me. Mounts would be some plains game, moose, caribou, bear, turkey, elk, antelope. Thanks for the info in advance

From: LKH
They are up for sale on the net all the time. You can also do an online auction. They don't bring what they cost to mount.

Friend wanted a big elk for his cabin. Bought a 6x7, about 360, for $700.

From: Franklin
Keep them...there are thousands for sale and most that would buy them for d├ęcor usually by from traders or auction houses that are in that business. If the taxidermy is top notch or unique you can try like LKH said...don`t expect much.

From: Bou'bound
They are about priceless to one person and about worthless to everyone else

From: Brotsky
Maybe donate them to a local sportsmen's club or something. Then they could hang and be admired by folks that would appreciate them.

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