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From: Fuzz
Anyone have any good bowhunting book suggestions? I just finished Crimson Arrow (a good read) and need more material.

If anyone is looking, I suggest "Sound of the String" by Brad Isham. It gives a view of the spiritual side of bowhunting and our connection with our quarry. It is a very good read. (I've read it 3 times in the last year)

Thanks FUZZ

From: DanaC
Look for 'A Thousand Campfires' by the late Jay Massey. Also, anything by E. Donnal Thomas. These are 'traditional' oriented but bow-hunting is bow-hunting.

From: Fuzz
Thanks DanaC... i just checked and unfortunately Amazon doesn't have any of your suggestions. Gonna hafta take a trip to the library.

Bows of the Little Delta, Witchery of Archery, these are also "old school books" but really enjoyed them.

From: Cobie33
I have several that I very much enjoy.....

One With The Wilderness by Mike Mitten

Have Bow Will Travel and Longbows in the Far North by E. Donnal Thomas

Thousand Campfires and Bowhunting Alaska's Wild Rivers by Jay Massey

My Neck of the Woods by Bryce Lambley

Bowhunting, A Passion for Life by Monty Browning

Unforgettable Bowhunters, Hunting the Dream and Of Blind Pigs and Big Bucks by MR James

An Empty Quiver by Dr. David Samuel

I Remember Papa Bear by Dick Lattimer

A Man Made of Elk, Racks, Heartblood and Ghost Grizzlies by David Petersen

Ishi of Two Worlds by Theodora Kroeber

Once Upon a Tine by Barry Wensel

Buckskin and Bone by Gene Wensel

Just re-read Whitetail Magic and In Pursuit of Trophy Whitetails by Roger Rothhaar in honor of his death, great info.

I'll just stop there for now. Maybe you've read some of these maybe you haven't. I really enjoy them, especially during the winter months.

From: Fuzz
Thank you! Some I've read... others not yet!

From: Brotsky
Hunting with the Bow and Arrow by Saxton Pope

I read this about once per year. I think it should re required reading for all bowhunters:)

From: casekiska
You might try reading THE HISTORY OF WISCONSIN BOWHUNTING, 325 pages, available from the WI Bowhunters Assoc. (715) 823-4670 Excellent!

From: Deertick
How about some NON-FICTION archery books? Anyone?

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