Anti hunter responses that burn
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Check out the comment... I love it. What’s your favorite comeback?

From: midwest
hahaha....good one!

From: JTV
the only good wolf (or coyote) is in a coat ...

From: Wayniac
Well played by Josh.

I'm so tired of almost ALL issues these days being emotion based, rather than relying scientific or critical/rational thoughts.

No problem with some empathy being shown, but we need to start calling out all the touchy feely stuff that seems to be driving decisions.

Emotions drive almost everything and that is where hunting and trapping will continue to lose. I believe trophy hunting and horn porn are emotion based, rather than scientific?

No kidding! Atta boy Josh! Apparently wolves are allowed to be part of the food chain and we as humans are not.

From: Z Barebow
I had that link show up in my FB feed. And I saw Josh's comments. Kudos to him for standing up. He hung in there and it was easy to see how the opposition wouldn't directly answer his questions. I myself cannot stand arguing for the sake of arguing. I don't have the patience. It is similar to arguing with a wall.

From: Wayniac
Missouribreaks.. you got me - no idea.. I meat hunt. I also happen to think an old lead doe can be almost as challenging as a wise old big antlered buck - though I have no quantifiable science behind that opinion. ;o)

As far as scientific - I think QDM has some basis in science and rational thought, though the reason for taking a big buck may be emotional for some.

I'm not going to split hairs - my point was that regulating agencies need to let science & data drive decisions, while also hearing the emotional response of the general public. SOME empathy may help with the public perception of us and our sport.. that's all I was saying.

From: t-roy
Missouribreaks....So what drives you to kill animals? Is it strictly for the meat? If there isn’t at least some emotional aspect in the hunt for you, then I feel sorry for you! (insert emotion here)

From: LINK
If there were no horns I’m not sure how much I would hunt. At the price of bows, arrows, broadheads, stands, camo, licensing and tags, I’m pretty sure I can buy or raise meat cheaper than I can kill it. I probably wouldn’t fish if all fish weighed 1 lb. Its the anticipation of a bigger fish, bigger buck or bull that gets me going. No way is it a harder hunt for me to target a specific doe than it is to target a specific mature buck. Does are smart and light years ahead of immature bucks but big bucks get that way for a reason. You take away rut and some are nearly impossible to get.

It is all emotional for me, just like the anti's,..... hence my post.

I have no real use for meat even though I eat it, there are plenty of other alternatives that may not be harboring CWD, are easily affordable, and USDA inspected. I am no longer a trophy hunter, any mature or semi mature animal is welcome to adorn my tag and be in a picture with my longbow and cedar arrows.

To accuse anti's as being emotional and hunters not emotional, is not correct IMO.

From: wilhille
Does it hurt some people's (fellow bowhunters) feelings on here when they see an elk or whatever, "hamstringed" by a wolf or wolves? I have heard this "argument" before as anti wolf rhetoric and therefore I am curious. I personally don't get hurt or upset when I see videos of animals being killed by other animals but I want to know others opinions on this.

wilhille, I think it has more to do with the hypocrisy of anti-hunters saying it's cruel when we kill things, but not cruel when other things kill things.

Well the predator problem isn’t emotionally based. The antis have good sounding scientific theories and high and mighty studies and articles. Bad science is the real problem in this area and overall a double standard As was so keenly brought to question by Josh’s reply

From: mountainman
"To accuse anti's as being emotional and hunters not emotional, is not correct IMO"

Fair enough. BUT, I have never seen a hunter tell an anti hunter that they should HAVE to hunt, just because that's how the hunter feels.

But I have seen A LOT of anti's tell hunters they should not hunt, just because that's how the anti feels.

From: elkmtngear
Hunters have been around for Millenia.

Anti-hunters have been around for maybe "decades".

Anti's have no standing, in the Grand Scheme of things.

From: Beendare
Impossible to Manage an ecosystem ...when one predator species goes un-managed killing everything.

From: Tonybear61
Humans have been part of the natural cycle, food chain ever since we came on the scene. Removing us is not only counter productive but displays how little said anti-hunter knows about nature taking its course. We are part of it always have been.

Some just choose not to hunt but have others hunt, harvest, grow animals, plants for them. They are cowards, lazy, the one truly not participating in natural cycle or food chain.

From: buc i 313
Somethings never change,

Many years ago I had a discussion with a young lady who was very Anti-Hunting. After listening to her rationale why I should not be a hunter. I asked her to listen to my side of why I hunt.

First I asked her how and what did she do to promote wildlife. Her answer was "I don't hunt" . I then asked her how many hunting license' had she ever purchased ? She replied I've never bought a license .

My response was, so other than protest against hunting you do nothing to promote the DNR's and the scientific research of wildlife, the purchase of habitat, the enforcement of game laws i.e. the protection of wildlife ?

So let me get this straight, you only protest the hunting / killing of game ?

Young lady, I hunt to supplement the food for my family table I fish for the same reason. My license fees support the scientific research , the game laws that protect our wildlife, the purchase of land for more habitat in addition to help pay for the State Parks, you enjoy.

So if I may ask, when will you be purchasing a hunting license ? She was stunned for just a moment she then replied I won't ever purchase a hunting license I don't hunt. Hunting is cruel !

My response , then you only wish to protest against hunting as it appears you have no interest in helping the wildlife. She thought for a long moment then she said while blushing, I'm still not buying a hunting license.

My reply, no need to worry I am going to continue to purchase hunting and fishing license' young lady. So you can rest assured I will be protecting and supporting the wildlife of our great out of doors for your enjoyment.

Her reply, I'm embarrassed of my lack of response against your argument for hunting but I'm still not buying a damn hunting license ! I laughed and we went our separate way's

When the "Anti Hunting" subject is brought up, I occasionally wonder what ever is that young lady protesting today ?


One of the things that irks me is when an anti-hunter carries on with a rant, yet makes an exception for hunting by indigenous people... because "It's part of their culture."

Yeah. It's part of the culture of me, my family and my friends too.

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